SHONAN MARU No 1 and No 2.

- Photos of their port visit to Wellington 2nd to 5th January, 2001.

IWCLogopic.jpg (14725 bytes)

The design at left is the logo of the International Whaling Commission who had chartered both vessels for the research programme.

ShonanC.jpg (39732 bytes)

This photo shows the midships of "Shonan Maru No 2" with her International Whaling Commission banner flying.

ShonanD.jpg (48035 bytes)

This is "Shonan Maru No 2" with her sister ship berthed astern.

ShonanE.jpg (46442 bytes)

A rear view of "Shonan Maru no 2".

ShonanG.jpg (50752 bytes)

At right is Mr Yoshitsugo Higashi who is the Japanese Fisheries Association representitive in Wellington. He also acts as interpreter.

ShonanH.jpg (51241 bytes)

Here we see "Shonan Maru No 1"

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