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The "Professor Multanovskiy" is a sister ship to the "Professor Molchanov". Both were built in Finland in 1982/83  for polar and oceanographic research but have since been converted to polar cruising. They both carry a maximum of only 49 passengers in twin or single cabins. They are Ice class  A1A and have Russian officers & crew with English speaking expedition staff. They usually operate 1 week to 3 week cruises ftrom Ushuaia in Southern Argentina to the Antarctic Peninsula with some longer cruises also taking in South Georgia and the Falkland Islands.  The Professor Multanovskiy" is shown above tied up in Ushuaia prior to an Antarctic trip.

2002  The Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctic Peninsula

On the 6th of   January, 2002, the "Professor Multanovskiy" commenced a 19 day cruise to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula before returning to Ushuaia on the 25th of January. (see map at right)

Amongst the leaders was Rodney Russ of Heritage Expeditions (N.Z.) leading a New Zealand tour party.

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MULTAN 1.   2002 (January 9th) Envelope posted Stanley, Falkland Islands.  Price US$8

Note: The above cover has been signed by Rodney Russ, the tour leader who is shown at right. The envelope has been backstamped on arrival in Christchurch on 22nd January, 2002.

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The photo at right shows the "Professor Multanovskiy" ferrying ashore passeners at a penguin rookery on the Falklands.

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MULTAN 2.   2002 (January 13th) Postcard posted King Edward Point South Georgia.  Price US$8

Note: The above postcard has two different views available for the picture side. We show both views below.  When ordering you can specify either view. All are Leader signed.

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View A. Historic Grytviken whaling base.

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View B. Mount Sugartop on South Georgia.

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MULTAN 3.   2002 (January 13th) Postcard posted King Edward Point South Georgia.  Price US$8

Note: the above postcard which is also signed by Rodney Russ has the picture side shown at right which depicts the Lemaire Channel located besides the Antarctic Peninsula.

It is a famous Antarctic tourist spot.

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At right is the Professor Multanovskiy" shown in the Antarctic surrounded by ice with a glacier in the background.

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