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The Paddle Steamer "Waimarie" was built in 1899 by Yarrow & Co Shipbuilders at Poplar in London, and transported in kitset form to Wanganui in New Zealand.

For almost 50 years the "Waimarie" plied the Wanganui River between Wanganui and Pipiriki.
After the Wanganui River road opened in 1935, the river traffic dwindled and she was eventually taken out of service in 1949.  In 1952 she sank at her berth at Wanganui.

In 1993 she was salvaged and extensive restoration ensured that on 1 January 2000 she was recommissioned for her new life on the Wanganui River, as New Zealand's only authentic paddle steamer. In her first year of since re-commissioning, Waimarie carried over 25,000 passengers. She is 80 tons gross, just over 100 foot waterline length, travels at 10.5 knots and can carry 150 passengers.

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WAIMARIE 1.    2001 Commercial cover bearing a 40c "Waimarie" Petes Post stamp.     Price US$3

Note: The above postage stamp (as shown enlarged at right) was issued by the alternative postal operator called "Petes Post" which operates throughout the lower North Island through a series of francise owner/operators. The red cancellation is applied by "Petes Post". In the above case because the letter is addressed to a Post Office Box it has also gone through the NZ Post system in a inter-access agreement the two postal operators for the exchange of mail between their two postal systems.

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The Paddle Steamer "Waimarie" operates its own web site which can be seen here.

"Pete's Post"  stamps reflect the areas in which they operate and this includes Wanganui, the home of "Waimarie" which operates from there on the Whanganui River.

There are two different values. 40 cents which is the standard letter rate and 90 cents which is the large size letter rate. The stamps are self-adhesive and are issued in booklets of 10 stamps. We show the front of a 40 cent booklet cover at right and a pane of the 90 cent stamps below.

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WAIMARIE 2  Pete's Post 40 cents local rate booklet  of 10 mint stamps showing "Waimarie".   US$8

WAIMARIE 3  Pete's Post 90 cents large size booklet  of 10 mint stamps showing "Waimarie".   US$10

In 2004 the postage rate was increased from 40 cents to 45 cents and a new Pete's Post "Waimarie" stamp was issued. It exists in both regular (From booklets) and self-adhesive (from coil) versions.

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WAIMARIE 4  Pete's Post 45 cents local rate booklet  of 10 mint stamps showing "Waimarie".   US$6

WAIMARIE 5  Pete's Post 45 cents single self-adhesive stamp showing "Waimarie".   US$2

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WAIMARIE 6    2005 Commercial cover bearing a 45c "Waimarie" Petes Post stamp.     Price US$3

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