The Italian Antarctic Supply ship "ITALICA" arrived in Lyttelton in the early hours of January 2nd after a stormy Tasman Sea crossing from Hobart in Tasmania. The following photos were taken during her 4 day stay.

ItalicaJan01a.jpg (41452 bytes)

"Italica" berth at No 3 wharf in the Lyttelton inner Harbour on January 5th

ItalicaJan01b.jpg (61237 bytes)

This view taken on deck shows several containers some of which are fitted out as living compartmnets

ItalicaJan01c.jpg (61156 bytes)

Looking into the hold seeing the wide range of general cargo supplies for Terra Nova Bay.

ItalicaJan01d.jpg (53050 bytes)

The galley on board "Italica"

ItalicaBlasie.jpg (54328 bytes)

Italy's Antarctic Representitive in Christchurch Mr Luigi Blasi at right enjoying a meal on board "Italica" with a senior member of the Expedition.

ItalicaJan01Angelaf.jpg (54088 bytes)

The Expedition's Deputy leader Angela Campagnoli in her office on board "Italica".

ItalicaJan01Andreag.jpg (48672 bytes)

Shown at left on the wharf is Doctor Andrea Pellegrini,  the science team leader on board "Italica".

He is "Unita Programmi Scientifici Progetto Antartide"

ItalicaJan01h.jpg (52744 bytes)

Crew members stowing the gangway just prior to departure at 5pm on January 5th, 2001.

ItalicaJan01i.jpg (50925 bytes)

The "Italica" starting to pull away from the wharf

ItalicaJan0113.jpg (35645 bytes)

"Italica" backing away into the inner Harbour

ItalicaJan01j.jpg (42191 bytes)

Being turned around by a tugboat

ItalicaJan01k.jpg (42300 bytes)

Further turning around to face out towards the inner harbour entrance

ItalicaJan01l.jpg (29208 bytes)

Turned around fully now

ItalicaJan01m.jpg (39881 bytes)

Proceeding down the outer harbour with a pilot boat chasing

ItalicaJan0110.jpg (42990 bytes)

Passing the outer mole in the outer harbour and heading to sea and Antarctica.

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