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The OGS "Explora" was constructed at Elmsfleth in Germany in 1973. She measures 1,400 tons.

In 1988 she was acquired by the Italian National Oceanographic Institute and based in Trieste. Her role was as a Polar and Oceanographic research vessel with a special emphasis of the Antarctic. Between 2003 and 2005 she underwent an extensive modernisation acquiring more modern ocean bed scanning equipment.

In the 2005-06 Season she undertook an extensive cruise to the Ross Sea engaged in mapping the ocean bed and also other sampling programmes.

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EXPLORA 1.    2006 (February 27th) Cover posted through Mario Zucchelli Station.     Price US$6

The picture at right shows the OGS "Explora" coming alongside the "Italica" in Terra Nova Bay on the 2nd February, 2006 to exchange supplies and personell.

The above cover was brought back to New Zealand on board the "Italica".

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EXPLORA 2.    2006 (February 27th) OGS Postcard posted through Mario Zucchelli Station.   Price US$6

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EXPLORA 3.    2006 (February 27th) OGS Postcard posted through Mario Zucchelli Station.   Price US$6

Note: The above postcard only differs from the previous item in the choice of postage stamps used.

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EXPLORA 4.    2006 (March 8th) Envelope posted at Hobart, Tasmania   Price US$6

Note: The OGS "Explora" had returned from the Ross Sea direct to Hobart.

She then sailed from Hobart on the 18th March to return to Italy.

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