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The "Paardeberg" is a ice strengthened  (Ice class A2) multi-purpose auxillary replenishment vessel which was built in the Ukraine in 1991. She is flagged at Kingston in St. Vincent but owned by an Israeli company which bases her at Capetown in South Africa. She was previously the South African Navy vessel "Outeniqua". The view above shows her berthed at Capetown in March 2006.



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The "Paardeberg" was chosen to carry the Indian Antarctic Programme's Silver Jubilee Expedition. This expedition celebrated 25 years of Indian Antarctic Expeditions as shown by the Expedition Logo at left.

The "Paardeberg" departed Capetown on the 22nd December with a 50 person team led by Dr L. Prem. Kishore.  On the 9th January 2006 India celebrated its 25th year of presence in Antarctica. The Expedition finally returned to Capetown on board the "Paardeberg" on the 14th March, 2006.

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PAARDEBERG 1.  2006 (March 14th) Postcard posted Paquebot and signed by Captain    Price US$8

The master of the "Paardeberg" is Captain Gerard Scheltens who is shown at right in his day room on board the "Paardeberg".

He has signed the above postcard which bears Indian stamps and which has been posted "Paquebot" in Capetown on the return of the vessel from the Antarctic.

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The above cachets are on the back of the postcard.

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PAARDEBERG 2.  2006 (March 14th) Postcard posted Paquebot and signed by Ice-Pilot.    Price US$8

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The Picture at left shows the Ice-Pilot Captain Ruslan Zaynigabdinov seated.

Note: the above postcard has the same 2 cachets on its back as the previous postcard.

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PAARDEBERG 3.  2006 (March 14th) Postcard posted Paquebot and signed by chief engineer.  Price US$8

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In the picture at left are from left to right, the Chief Engineer Denis Stojak, the Captain Gerard Scheltens and the ice-pilot Ruslan Zaynigabdinov.

The Chief Engineer Denis Stojak has signed the above postcard.

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PAARDEBERG 4.  2006 (March 14th) Postcard posted Paquebot and signed by ex-chief engineer.  Price US$8

The postcard above has been signed by the previous chief engineer of the "Paardeberg", Stewart Allen Wheeler.

He is shown at right in the captains day room on board the vessel.

This postcard, like the previous three postcards also has the two cachets on its back as shown below.

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