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view of Albatros in Lyttelton 7 February, 2001.

The "Albatros" is operated by German Phoenix Reisen Cruises and caters mostly for the German market with round the world cruising.

She was originally built in 1957 for the Cunard Line as the "Sylvania" and in 1968 became Sitmar's "Fairwind".   In 1988 she commenced 5 years  sailing as  "Dawn Princess". Despite her age she has always been well maintained and is known for her roomy cabins. Her running mate is the "Maxim Gorki".

2001 saw her in Australasian waters. In mid January she left Sydney for a 22 day cruise via New Zealand to Papeete. On the 7th February, 2001 she arrived in Lyttelton from Port Chalmers for a single day stay before leaving for Wellington.

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ALBATROS 1.   2001 (February 7) Cover with ships cachet at lower left posted Christchurch.   Price US$3

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ALBATROS 2.  2001 (February 7) Ships Postcard posted Christchurch.   Price US$5

Note: The postcard above is one produced by the shipping company and available on board for passengers use. The picture side is shown at right.

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The view at left shows "Albatros tied up in the inner harbour in Lyttelton on 7 February, 2001.

The "Albatros" was sent to the breakers at Alang, India in January, 2004.

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