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The "Moqueuse" is a French Navy patrol boat based in Noumea with the French Pacific Fleet.  She has a special affiliation with the Island of Rotuma. She is only 450 tons but with a length of 54 meters and a top speed of 23 knots she is well equipped for her patrol role. She carries a crew of 4 officers, 11 petty officers and 13 leading seamen or ordinary sailors. she has a large back deck and can land a helicopter if necessary.

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The "Moqueuse" visited Lyttelton for a courtesy call during the last weekend in June 2004 following a similar call to Dunedin the previous week. She is shown at left tied up in Lyttelton during which she was open to the public while her sailors took part in various sport and other activities ashore.

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MOQUEUSE 1.   2004 (Jun  28th) Envelope posted Paquebot at Lyttelton during visit.  Price US$6

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