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The "Star Princess" is one of 3 Grand Class cruise liners operated by Princess Cruises which is owned by P & O. Her sister ships are "Sun Princess" and "Sea Princess".   She measures 108,865 gross tons, has 1,100 crew and can carry 2,600 passengers in twin berths. "Star Princess" entered service in early 2002 and December 2003 saw her first visit to New Zealand when she commenced a series of 6 cruises around New Zealand, Tasmania and the East Coast of Australia.

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STAR PRINCESS 1.   2003 (December 31st) Princess Cruises envelope posted Christchurch.  Price US$5

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STAR PRINCESS 2.   2003 (December 31st) Star Princess postcard posted Christchurch.  Price US$5

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Note: The view at left is the picture side of the above picture postcard.

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STAR PRINCESS 3.   2004 (Jan 4th) Envelope posted at Wellington.  Price US$3

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STAR PRINCESS 4.   2004 (Jan 6th) Envelope posted at Lyttelton.  Price US$3

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STAR PRINCESS 5.   2004 (Jan 29th) Envelope posted at Lyttelton.  Price US$3

Note: this was the last visit of "Star Princess" to Lyttelton for the season. The envelope has a Lyttelton Port Company cinderella at lower left.

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The above photo shows the great size of the "Star Princess" taking up two normal berths at Cashin Quay in Lyttelton.

The close up view at right of her coming alongside the wharf shows her impressive stern.

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STAR PRINCESS 6.   2004 (Jan 29th) Postcard posted at Lyttelton.  Price US$4

Note: the picture side of the postcard is shown at left. It shows Lyttelton Harbour nestled amongst the hilside in the centre of the picture with Christchurch visible in the distance on the other side of the Port Hills. Lyttelton and Christchurch are connected by long road and rail tunnels.

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