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The "Deutschland" is the epitomy of class and is the flagship of the German Company Peter Deilmann Cruises.   She commenced service in May 1998 and is usually based in the Mediterranean but during the Northern Hemisphere winter she undertakes a Southern Hemisphere or around the world cruise.

She measures 574 meters long, has 318 cabins carrying 636 passengers and boasts a crew of 240. She caters mostly  for German speaking passengers although most crew are bi-lingual.

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DEUTSCHLAND 1.   2003 (January 20th) Paquebot Envelope posted Punta Arenas  Price US$6.

Note: the above envelope bears Argentine stamps but has been postmarked in Punta Arenas in Chile. The "Deutschland" had just that morning arrived from Ushuaia in Argentina and thus was entitled to use stamps of Argentina for this her first port in Chile. Backstamped in Christchurch on 5th February, 2003.


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The route of  the "Deutschland" around the bottom end of South America.

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"Deutschland" arriving at Punta Arenas in the early morning of January 20th, 2003.

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DEUTSCHLAND 2.   2003 (January 20th) Envelope posted Punta Arenas  Price US$4.

Note: This envelope differs from the previous one in that it bears Chile stamps. It also has a Chilean airmail label while the previous one had an Argentine airmail label. It is also backstamped in Christchurch on 5th February, 2003.


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The view at left shows "Deutschland" tied up alongside the wharf in Punta Arenas on 20 January 2003, the day the above covers were posted.

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DEUTSCHLAND 3.   2003 (January 20th) Envelope posted paquebot at Punta Arenas  Price US$5.

Note: The above envelope is franked with German stamps which have been correctly treated as paquebot mail by the Chilean Postal authorities in Punta Arenas. Backstamped in Christchurch 5th February, 2003. N.B. When ordering the above cover please reralise that the actual german stamps used will vary from cover to cover.

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Front of postcard

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Back of postcard

DEUTSCHLAND 4.   2003 (January 20th) Postcard posted Punta Arenas  Price US$5.

The above postcard has been hand made with a picture of the vessel on one side. Each card varies.

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DEUTSCHLAND 5.   2003 (January 20th) Postcard posted paquebot Punta Arenas  Price US$5.

Note: This is an official "Deutschland" postcard.

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DEUTSCHLAND 6.   2003 (February 5th) Easter Island envelope  Price US$6.

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Note: The "Deutschland" arrived at Easter Island on the 1st of February, 2003 but as this was a Saturday and the post office was closed the envelope hasn't been postmarked until February 5th.

The envelope has a "Rapa Nui/Easter Island" letter seal on the back flap as shown at left and has been backstamped on arrival in christchurch on 20 February, 2003.

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