The "Columbus" is operated by Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzfahrten and carries mostly German passengers. She was built in 1997 and is 468 meters long and 1,400 tons. She has 210 cabins carrying 420 passengers.

Her moderate size allows her to specialise in expedition cruising to Patagonia, the South Atlantic Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.

Columbuspicci.jpg (36804 bytes)

Columbuspuntacvr2.jpg (63819 bytes)

COLUMBUS 1.   2002 (December 7th) Envelope posted paquebot at Punta Arenas   Price US$5.

Note: The "Columbus" is a German Registered vessel and hence able to use German stamps under the paquebot system at her first port of call in a new country. The German stamps used show old and modern German Antarctic expedition vessels.

Columbuspuntacvr1.jpg (53263 bytes)

COLUMBUS 2.   2002 (December 7th) Envelope posted Punta Arenas   Price US$5.

Note: This cover differs from the previous one in that postage has been paid by Chile stamps. Backstamped in Christchurch 30 December, 2002.


Columbuspuntapic1.jpg (41714 bytes)


The view at left shows the "Columbus" tied up alongside at punta Arenas on 7th December, 2002.

The Blue and Orange hull banding distinguishes the vessel as belonging to hapag-Lloyd.

Columbuspcpuntaused1.jpg (63464 bytes)

Columbuspcpicside.jpg (72862 bytes)

COLUMBUS 3.   2002 (December 7th) Shipping company postcard posted Punta Arenas   Price US$5.

Note: The above postcard is a official Hapag-Lloyd postcard. The scene shows "Columbus" in a Fiordland fiord in New Zealand.

Columbuspcpuntaused2.jpg (58540 bytes)

COLUMBUS 4.   2002 (December 7th) Shipping company postcard posted Punta Arenas   Price US$5.

Note: This postcard has the identical view on the picture side as the previous item.

PitcairnpcColumbusJan06.jpg (46196 bytes)

COLUMBUS 5.   2006 (January 3rd) Postcard posted at Pitcairn Island   Price US$8.

PitcairnpcColumbusJan06b.jpg (43813 bytes)

The postcard above has the multiple scenes back as shown at left which depicts various scenes on Pitcairn Island.

The postcard after being posted on Pitcairn Island on 3rd january, 2006 had to wait until the next official mail boat heading towards New Zealand to be taken from the island. 

Backstamped on arrival in New Zealand at Christchurch 21st March, 2006.

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