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The "Clipper Odyssey" is a 120 passenger luxury expedition vessel previously known as the "Oceanic Odyssey". After being acquired by by new American owners in 1999 she was extensively refurbished and commenced a series of southern New Zealand cruises under the American Zegrahm Expeditions name. The vessel is equipped with a fleet of zodiacs and is small enough herself to enter many ports never otherwise visited by cruise vessels.

The map at right shows the usual cruise pattern of the "Clipper Odyssey" with passengers boarding at Lyttelton near Christchurch and going on a clockwise tour around the South Island which also includes visits to sub-Antarctic Campbell, Auckland and Snares Island groups before voyaging up the West Coast with stops at various scenic and wildlife areas before passing through Cook Strait and returning to Lyttelton via Kaikoura.

The trip is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts with many unique species sighted on each voyage.

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CLIPPER1      2001 (February 15th) Cover posted at Christchurch after cruise      Price US$5

At right is shown the reverse of the above envelope.

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Note: The above cover was taken on the "Natural Wonders of New Zealand" cruise which left Christchurch on the 11th January, 2001 and returned to Christchurch on the 23rd of January, 2001. It has been autographed by Dr. Chris Challies who was the wildlife guide on the cruise. Following the ship-board cruise Dr Challies also led a shore based tour of South Island and North Island forest and Alpine regions.

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The above view shows the "Clipper Odyssey" departing Lyttelton on the 11th January, 2001  commencing the   "Natural Wonders of New Zealand" tour.

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CLIPPER2      2001 (February 15th) Postcard  posted at Christchurch after cruise.      Price US$5

The view at right is the picture side of the postcard shown above.

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