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The "Akademik Ioffe" was built in 1989 in Finland for Russia as a geophysical research vessel specilaising in oceanographic biology.

Ioffe is based in Kaliningrad.

  During the southern summer she is chartered by Peregrine Antarctic Adventures as a cruise vessel carrying about 100 passengers from Ushuaia to the Antarctic Peninsula on each of 3 cruises she undertakes each season.

The map at right shows the route taken on her 8th January, 2003 voyage.


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The picture at right shows "Akademik Ioffe" in the Antarctic Peninsula area.

Zodiacs are used to take passengers ashore to visit historic sites but much of the time is spent on board sight seeing.   Lectures are also given by guides and Antarctic veterans.

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IOFFE 1.   2003 (January 8th) Envelope posted Ushuaia after Antarctic cruise.  Price US$6

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Note: The above envelope has been autographed at lower left by the three man Adventure Philosophy team of Marcus Waters, Graham Charles and Mark Jones.

These three New Zealanders had made history 2 seasons previously by undertaking a kayak voyage down the Antarctic Peninsula and in 2003 were undertaking an equally difficult circumnavigation of Tierra del Fuego commencing in Ushuaia.

The "Adventure Philosopy" team are shown at right with Ushuaia in the background with from left to right Marcus Waters, Mark Jones and Graham Charles

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The picture at right shows "Akademik Ioffe" berthed at Ushuaia on January 8th, 2003, the date the above envelope was posted.

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