Medical Covers or Postal Staionery on a Medical Theme

AUSTPSEBloodDonors.jpg (33488 bytes)

Australia 1979 Pre-stamp envelope for Voluntary Blood Donor Service mint.    MEDC1     US$5

AUSTPSEPharmacy.jpg (36656 bytes)

Australia 1981 Pre-stamp envelope for Pharmaceutical Education mint.    MEDC2     US$3

AUSTPSEHealth1.jpg (47354 bytes)

Australia 1982 Pre-stamp envelope for Health Education Conference first day.   MEDC3      US$3

AUSTPSEMidwives.jpg (37809 bytes)

Australia 1984 Pre-stamp envelope for Midwives Confederation Congress first day.   MEDC4     US$3

AUSTPSEHealth2.jpg (39770 bytes)

Australia 1986 Pre-stamp envelope for National Health and Heart Research first day.   MEDC5     US$3

AUSTPSEDiabetes.jpg (42373 bytes)

Australia 1987 Pre-stamp envelope for Diabetes Association mint.     MEDC6    US$3

AUSTPSEVSA.jpg (39065 bytes)

Australia 1989 Pre-stamp envelope for Volunteer Service Abroad first day.     MEDC7    US$3

AUSTPSERedX.jpg (43331 bytes)

Australia 1989 Pre-stamp envelope for Red Cross first day.      MEDC8   US$3

AUSTPSEDental.jpg (35556 bytes)

Australia 1990 Pre-stamp envelope for Dental hospital mint.    MEDC9     US$3

AUSTPSESerum.jpg (39162 bytes)

Australia 1991 Pre-stamp envelope for Serum Laboratories first day.     MEDC10    US$3

AUSTPSEAnaethes.jpg (37121 bytes)

Australia 1996 Pre-stamp envelope for Anaesthesiologists first day.    MEDC11     US$3

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