Sir Edmund Hillary was New Zealand's most famous person.  His fame goes far beyond that of the mountain climber who was first to climb Mount Everest in 1953. His 1957-58 Antarctic expedition to the South Pole where he was the first to arrive overland since Scott's party, his jet boat trips in India, the fabulous work he has done with Sherpa communities in Nepal through his Himalaya Trust and the efforts he made on behalf of New Zealand as ambassador to India and Nepal all add to the high esteem he was held in around the world.

Sir Edmund died in January 2008.


Everest1954HealthFDC.jpg (37936 bytes)

HILLARY1.        New Zealand 1954 Health First Day Cover.         Price US$2

Note: The stamps on this cover show a young mountaineer with a map looking up to a snow capped Mount Aspiring (This is situated in the Southern Alps where Hillary learnt his mountaineering skills) and Mount Everest is seen in the background sky. 

Ross1958Crossingcvr.jpg (86054 bytes)

HILLARY2.        Ross Dependency 1958 Antarctic Meeting cover.         Price US$10

Note: This cover has the special 20 January 1958 datestamp which is the date that Hillary met Sir Vivian Fuchs at the South Pole.

NZ1994EverestStampm.jpg (28348 bytes)

HILLARY3.        New Zealand 1994 The Conquest of Everest stamp mint.         Price US$2

ScottBase40thcvr.jpg (35765 bytes)

HILLARY4.        New Zealand 1997 Cover to celebrate anniversary.         Price US$5

Note: The only public celebration for the 40th Anniversary of the Founding of Scott Base and the Trans-Antarctic Expedition was held in Christchurch at the famous Scott statue where Sir Edmund Hillary made a speach and laid a wreath.

ScottBase40thcvrsigdoc.jpg (44061 bytes)

HILLARY5.        New Zealand 1997 signed cover to celebrate anniversary.        Price US$8

Note: cover has been autographed by Dr F. De Hamel who was the expedition doctor.

Sallericvr.jpg (66667 bytes)

HILLARY6.    1999 Nepal cover from Himalayan Trust School to Kathmandu       Price US$10

Note: this envelope was carried by a mail runner over 3 mountain passes. It has been autographed by a New Zealand teacher working at the school and bears the Himalayan Trust Solukhumbu Teacher Training Programme cachet.

Everestfdcpair.jpg (98528 bytes)

HILLARY7.      New Zealand 2003 First Day Cover for ascent of Everest.         Price US$10

With a pictorial postmark showing the ice axe used by Sir Edmund Hillary. It is postmarked 29 May, 2003, exactly 50 years to the day after the ascent.

Everestmsmint.jpg (188230 bytes)

HILLARY8.      New Zealand 2003 Souvenir sheet for Ascent mint.         Price US$20

ChinaEverest50thanncvr.jpg (43244 bytes)

HILLARY9.    China 2003 FDC for 50th Anniversary of Ascent of Mt Everest    Price US$8

Note: Text on back of envelope in English honours Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay for being the first to climb the highest mountain in the world - Mount Qomolangma which is the Chinese name for Mount Everest. It also mentions the Chinese team which climbed the north side in 1960.

HillaryEverestChinacard.jpg (49803 bytes)

HILLARY10.    China 2004 Postcard commemorating Hillary & Ascent of Mt Everest    Price US$10

Nepal3mountsstrip.jpg (37481 bytes)

HILLARY11.      1982 Nepal Golden Jubilee of  International Alpinists Association strip.  Price US$5

Note: This strip shows the three famousNepalese Himalayan Mountains of Mt Everest, Mt. Lhotse and Mt. Nuptse.

EverestAust Exp1988pse.jpg (31198 bytes)

HILLARY12.  1988 Australian Everest expedition pre-stamped envelope first day.  Price US$3

HILLARY13.  2003 New Zealand $10 Phonecard (used) featuring Hillary.  Price US$3

CoinMtCookobverse.jpg (40919 bytes)


CoinMtCookreverse.jpg (30898 bytes)


HILLARY14.  1970 New Zealand Commemorative Mount Cook $1 coin.  Price US$5

HillaryMuseumcvr.jpg (40845 bytes)

Hilladvert.jpg (61146 bytes)

HILLARY15.  2005 (Jan 5th) Dunedin Sir Edmund Hillary Exhibition cover.  Price US$5

The above envelope commemorates a large exhibition about Sir Edmund Hillary held at the Otago Museum in Dunedin. The Exhibition comprising several galleries of material sourced from around the world and many items on loan from Sir Edmund himself. The envelope has a special exhibition triangular label at lower left and contains a exhibition leaflet as shown at right. The stamp used shows Sir Edmund Hillary climbing Mount Everest.

IndiaEverestms.jpg (74282 bytes)

HILLARY16.  2003 Indian souvenir sheet MUH for Everest Ascent Golden Jubilee.  Price US$5

PakistanK2ms.jpg (79332 bytes)

HILLARY17.  2004 Pakistan souvenir sheet MUH for K2 Ascent Golden Jubilee.  Price US$5

SPHillary50thpc.jpg (82349 bytes)

HILLARY18.  2007 Postcard from South Pole with 2 Hillary Cinderellas..  Price US$8

The above postcard has been franked with two cinderellas celebrating the 1957=58 trans-AQntarctic Expedition led by vivian fuchs (shown on the $2 value) and Edmund Hillary (shown on the $1 value.). Note the above labels have no postal validity.

ScottbaseHillary50thenv.jpg (100728 bytes)

HILLARY19.  2007 Envelope celebrating Scott Base's 50th Anniversary.  Price US$8

Note: The above first day cover envelope has a special NZ Post souvenir sheet which features the 1957 commissioning of Scott Base. Sir Edmund Hillary is the 2nd person from the left on the stamp part of the souvenir sheet. The envelope also has a special Scott base cachet applied in black and it has been postmarked 20th January, 2007, the exact centenary date. Sir Edmund was part of the anniversary party which gathered at Scott Base to celebrate the anniversary.

ScottbaseHillary50thpc.jpg (69928 bytes)

HILLARY20.  2007 Postcard celebrating Scott Base's 50th Anniversary.  Price US$6

Note: The postcard also celebrates Sir Edmund's visit to Scott Base.

HILLARY21.  2008 Postcard celebrating Hillary's South Pole tractor trip .  Price US$10

Note: The postcard is postmarked 4th January, 2008 which is exactly 50 years to the day that he arrived at the South Pole in 1958.


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