Founded and largely funded by the famous New Zealand mountaineer and explorer Sir Edmund Hillary,  the Himalayan Trust has since the 1960's sought to improve the lot of the Sherpa people of the Himalayas in Nepal by building schools, hospitals, bridges and airfields. Recently the trust has set up the Solukhumbu Teacher Training Programme where teachers from various nations but especially from New Zealand, come to Nepal to assist in training local Nepalese teachers.


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SALLERI 1    2001 (February 21st) Carried by runner from Salleri to Jiri.    Price US$5

Note: This cover was carried by a native Nepalese runner Mani Ram, on a  route over several mountain ranges from the high Himalayan township of Salleri where the Trainiong programme is based to the nearest road access at Jiri and from there to Kathmandu by bus where it was postmarked on arrival. The cover is autographed at top left by David Fortune a Christchurch teacher who was working for the Training programme at Salleri at the time.

Note: Postmarking on the above cover is badly done as is usual at Kathmandu and all supplied covers will be similarly poorly postmarked.

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At left David Fortune is pictured giving a talk to members of the New Zealand Stamp Collectors Club in early 2001 following his return from working in Nepal. David is shown wearing  traditional Nepalese clothing.

Shown below are a group of Nepalese children from Khumjung who will be the main recipients of the improved schooling taking place as a result of this scheme.

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