We present here a selection of items on the topic of fire fighting.

                 All are currently in stock and should be ordered by quoting the item number.

               FireAust83.jpg (52760 bytes)

          Fire 1.        Australia 1983 Fire fighting Appliances set complete.          US$4

                FireIOM.jpg (65743 bytes)

         Fire 2.      Isle of Man 1991 Fire fighting Appliances set complete.      US$6

                 FireNic1983.jpg (97967 bytes)

        Fire 3.    Nicaragua 1983 Fire fighting Appliances set complete.      US$4

                 FireNic1985.jpg (115398 bytes)

                 Fire 4.      Nicaragua 1985 Fire fighting Appliances set complete.        US$4

              FireNic1987.jpg (118474 bytes)

                    Fire 5.    Kampuchea 1987 Fire fighting Appliances set complete.          US$5

               FireNZ1977.jpg (49026 bytes)

                   Fire 6.     New Zealand 1977 Fire fighting  set complete.        US$2

               FireNZ1977FDC.jpg (45962 bytes)

    Fire 7.    New Zealand 1977 Fire fighting  set on first day Cover.         US$3

       FireNZpmk.jpg (29333 bytes)

            Fire 8.     New Zealand 1985 cover carried by Fire Engine in Parade with special postmark     US$3

       NZ Cover1.jpg (48251 bytes)

               Fire 9.   New Zealand 1987 cover for Hutt Valley  Fire Brigade Competitions    US$6

BeerlabelMartonFire.jpg (60684 bytes)

BeerlabelNapierFire.jpg (73116 bytes)

Fire 10.        New Zealand 1976 & 1979 Beer labels for Brigade Centenaries       US$6


          FireNZPC1.jpg (34252 bytes)

FireNZPC2.jpg (30625 bytes)

      Fire 11.     New Zealand set of 8 historic Black and white fire fighting picture postcards.     US$4

Note: The above postcards are a set issued in 1985 by the Christchurch Fire Brigade to mark their 125th Anniversay of Service.

                               NZ Phone.jpg (14308 bytes)

             Fire 12.       New Zealand 1995 phonecard (Unused) issued by NZ Fire Commission      US$3

            GB.jpg (47958 bytes)

        Fire 13.     United Kingdom 1973 set of fire fighting Appliances       US$4

              FireChpmk.jpg (55260 bytes)

        Fire 14.  New Zealand 1985 generic postcard with special brigade postmark     US$2

                 FireHastings86.jpg (58184 bytes)

             Fire 15.      New Zealand 1986  Hastings Fire Brigade Cover with pictorial postmark    US$5

Lahnsteinfirepc.jpg (48869 bytes)

Fire 16.    2003 (Sept 21st) Pictorial postmark for Lahnstein Village Free Fire Brigade.      US$5

       FireBrazil91.jpg (20566 bytes)

Brazil 1991 Fire Brigade homage

       FireBrazil92.jpg (23537 bytes)

Brazil 1992 Volenteer Brigade tower

        Fire 17.       Brazil  pair of above 1991 & 1992 stamps mint.           US$2

              HawkesbayEarthquakecvr.jpg (50199 bytes)

                Fire 18.      New Zealand 1981 envelope for Hawkes Bay Earthquake       US$3

FirePetone1997.jpg (51274 bytes)

           Fire 19.    New Zealand. 1997 National Brigade championships at Petone envelope.   US$4

FirefighterGamessigcvr.jpg (65641 bytes)

Fire 20.    New Zealand 2002 World Firefighters Games cover signed by champion.    US$10

ScottGamblepic.jpg (30420 bytes)

The above cover is autographed by Scott Gamble of Perth, Australia who won the title "Toughest Firefighter Alive" at the 2002 World Firefighters Games in Christchurch. More than 150 firefighters competed for this title from amongst the 2,000 firefighters competing in various events.

Only 50 covers were signed.


                       The following postal slogans from the 1950's and 1960's are now very difficult to source. they make a  great addition to any thematic collection.

FireNZSloganCareless.jpg (31554 bytes)

Fire 21.      "Careless Match - Means - Forest Fire" Slogan.       US$3

FireNZSloganFireSafety.jpg (32025 bytes)

Fire 22.    "Fire Safety - Means - Family Security" Slogan.       US$3

FireNZSloganKeepNZ.jpg (25584 bytes)

Fire 23. "Keep New Zealand Green - Prevent Forest Fires" Slogan.   US$3

FireNZSloganPrevent.jpg (32112 bytes)

Fire 24.      "Protect Forests From Fire" Slogan.       US$3


The following fire theme postal slogans were used only at the Hawke's Bay Mail Exchange of the North Island East Coast of New Zealand. We offer them on commercially used envelopes.


FireNZSlog2000cmon.jpg (14115 bytes)
      Fire 25.       "C'mon Guys, Get Firewise" Slogan.                  US$2
FireNZSlog2000Ifthere.jpg (18246 bytes)
Fire 26.    "If there is a fire Get out, Stay out - Dial 111" Slogan.   US$2
FireNZSlog2000Install.jpg (12678 bytes)
 Fire 27.     "Install smoke alarms, they save lives" Slogan.        US$2
FireNZSlog2000Protect.jpg (20085 bytes)
Fire 28.     "Protect what you value, be fire safe" Slogan.         US$2
FireNZSlog2000When.jpg (18584 bytes)
Fire 29.   "When did you last check the battery in your smoke alarm?" Slogan.   US$2

                See also our page for McMurdo Fire Department - The world's southernmost.

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