Voyager Phone is a offshoot of the large New Zealand internet provider "Voyager".

Voyager phonecards are set up to make cheap calls to  international and national call destinations via Voyager's Internet connections. The cards warn of possible poorer quality voice reproduction.


Voyager$2.jpg (16692 bytes)

$2 Red Phoneboxes

Voyager$5.jpg (16392 bytes)

$5 Red Phoneboxes

Voyager$10.jpg (12103 bytes)

      $10 Red Phoneboxes     

Voyager$20.jpg (12518 bytes)

$20 Red Phoneboxes

Voyager$30.jpg (16430 bytes)

$30 Red Phoneboxes

Voyager$50.jpg (12018 bytes)

      $50 Red Phoneboxes    

Note: The $2 card is a complimentary value obtained by writing away for a voyager leaflet about these cards.


VoyMap$2.jpg (13421 bytes)

$2 Globe

VoyMap$5.jpg (13163 bytes)

$5 Globe

VoyMap$10.jpg (13518 bytes)

$10 Globe

VoyMap$20.jpg (13523 bytes)

$20 Globe

VoyMap$30.jpg (13542 bytes)

$30 Globe

VoyMap$50.jpg (13475 bytes)

$50 Globe

Note: This set exists with the reverse showing the access number for Christchurch as 3398108, then with this number crossed out and either left blank or with this new number (962-0089) added in pen or  with the new number  on a label taped over the old number. We understand that similar alterations exist for a change in the Wellington access number.

Late in 1999 a new printing of this set appeared incorporating these changes. The main change however was that the previous 4 acccess numbers in one line have been replaced by 9 access numbers printed in two lines. Yet another change was seen in January 2000 when all 8 access numbers were blacked out and a 0800 number given.


$2 or 140 Hello Japan $5 or 350 Hello Japan VoyagerJap$10.jpg (15598 bytes)

$10 or 700 Hello Japan

VoyagerJap$20.jpg (16161 bytes)

$20 or 1400 Hello Japan

$30 or 2100 Hello Japan $50 or 3500 Hello Japan

In January 2000 it was announced that Voyager Phone was purchased by E-Phone and that voyager cards would be replaced by E-Phone cards from 15th February 2000 according to a public release from Bob Barraket, the E-Phone chief executive.

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