Themes/Topics On  Phonecards

We have an extensive stock of world phonecards including a superb selection of Japanese cards depicting a wide selection of themes. This stock is constantly changing with new supplies arriving most months to add to our stocks. We list below some of the more popular topics. If you are interested in any of these or any other topics not listed just send us an email advising us of your interests and we will email back what we can offer you on this topic.

Themes on Hand.

Animals. This includes both wild and domestic animals. Popular wild animals include Elephants, Pandas, Giraffes, monkies, chipmunks and rabbits while domestic animals concentrate on cats (or Kittens), dogs, horses and sheep. Marine mammals include whales and dolphins, seals and otters.

Birds. Most popular are penguins but others include kingfishers, owls and other birds of prey.

Cricket.  We have a selection you can see here

Flowers. The top theme here is roses followed by orchids but many others also available.

Famous People. Including film stars, musicians (The Beatles, Michael Jackson etc), scientists, inventors, explorers, sports persons and even politicians.

We have a special feature page on Charlie Sheen and his brother Emilio Estevez which can be found here

Aircraft. Military, balloons, hang-gliders, vintage aircraft, modern passenger aircraft, airports and airlines.

Dinosaurs. Click here to a selection of Dinosaur phonecards.

Ships. Including sailing vessels, yachts, passenger liners, cargo vessels, historic ships and naval vessels.

Railways. Both steam and diesel/electric but also bullet trains, aerial cableways and monorails.

Road Transport. Including passenger cars, racing cars, trucks, 4 wheel drive, cycling, motorbikes and busses.

Space. Mostly rockets, satellites and planets but also comets, space shuttle and constellations. Also popular are the many science fiction.

Cartoons. Disney are of course tops with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck but we also have Sylvester and tweetie, Bugs Bunny, Charlie Brown and many others.

Company Brands. Including Coke, Pepsi, Levis etc. This also includes product advertising where many collectors collect topics such as wine, beer, chocolate, breakfast cereal, fashion clothes etc.

Overseas destinations. We have Japanese cards showing scenes from many other countries including USA, Canada, England, France, Australia, New Zealand and many others.

Golfing.   A nice selection can be found by clicking here

Gold Cards. Some cards are printed on gold leaf. Others are on silver while we do get a few 'Holograms'.

Sports. Including rugby, golf, baseball, skiing, athletics, windsurfing and many others.

Films or Movies. These are very popular and often show the movie poster type design.

Scotch Whisky. We have a selection of these shown here but we can also supply other types of drink

Stamps on phonecards. A difficult topic but we have a few.

Other Topics. We can supply many others such as volcanoes, fish, windmills, waterfalls, sunsets, insects, music, art, toys, dolls, teddy bears, christmas and many, many more.


Most theme cards we sell for US$4 each but some can be as cheap as US$2 each or as expensive as US$30 each. This higher price however is the exception rather than the rule. We can also supply commoner mixed Japanese cards at only US .50 cents each on the following broad topics.

Landscapes, city scenes, advertising, historic buildings, children, comic or just general mixed.

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