So you want to swap phonecards?

I am happy to swap phonecards on a 1:1 basis with collectors and dealers
from around the world on the following basis.

You first must contact me by email with your proposed exchange offer.

I will only exchange cards in collectable condition. ie no bends,
creases, bad scratches or other signs of undue wear.   The usual small
signs of normal wear are of course acceptable.

In the first instance I prefer to exchange between 10 and 20 cards as
a trial. I will send these cards well protected in an ordinary airmail
letter and will use good commemorative stamps and have the stamps used
carefully handstamped by my local Post Office.

I prefer pictorial cards of the past two years.

As well as New Zealand cards I can also offer cards of Australia,
Japan, Malaysia and Singapore on a 1:1 exchange basis.

I do also swap scarcer cards and cards from more difficult to obtain
countries but in these instances I will expect something much better in

The Following NZ cards are available for exchange on a 1:1 basis;

1990 Satellite Dish Series $5 & $10 cards.
1991 Landscape Series $5 Okarito Lagoon, $10 Lindis Pass, $20 Pine Plantation.
1992 Sports Series $5 runner, $5 netball, $5 rugby, $10 tennis, 
     $10 Hockey, $20 swimmer, $20 aerobics.
1992 Maori legends $5 Maui slowing sun, $5 Maui fishing, $10 Rona.
1993 World Wildlife $5 Fur Seal, $10 Tuatara, $20 Sea Lion.
1993 Native Flowers $5 Lily, $5 Clematis, $10 Pohutukawa.
1995 Four Seasons $5 Autumn, $5 Winter, $10 Spring.
1996 Call of the Wild $5 Donkey, $5 Toucan.
1996 Floral Fantasy $5 Irises, $5 Poppies, $10 Sunflowers.
1996 Kiwi Cans $5 Beach Blokes, $5 Have a Go, $10 Ken & Barbie.

I have the biggest stock of used New Zealand cards of any dealer in New
Zealand as well as the widest range.
If you want something other than the above cards we can either swap on a
more than 1:1 basis or you will have to offer me some better than average

If you want to swap for cards from other countries then please email me
with your requests/suggestions.

I am always interested in larger exchanges with sometimes up to several
thousand cards at a time. In this instance however I am usually more
interested in a wide range rather than a big quantity of a single card.

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