Many companies have now issued SmarTel cards for a variety of purposes.

These cards have sometimes been made available to the public either as gifts of the companies concerned or by purchase.

Even only a year or two after issue the reasons for particular cards being issued and their circumstances including availability are difficult to ascertain as SmarTel does not appear to keep comprehensive accurate records of card designs and quantities produced.

This list is as correct as is possible but errors and particularly omissions are likely.

Details and samples or scans of any other cards would be much appreciated.

AIR NEW ZEALAND. - All Blacks Series.

$10 Zizan Brooke

$10 Fitzy throw in

$10 Fitzy in outline

$10 Fitzy with cup

$10 Jeff Wilson

Note: Cards from this set also exist with a Complimentary $5 calling time sticker on their face.


ClearTUANZ96.jpg (8942 bytes)

Clear TUANZ 1996 Expo

Clear "Customer Satisfaction

Index of NZ Ltd"

Clear Will.jpg (4328 bytes) 

Where there's a will,

there's always a way.


Airways Florist $5 Valentines.jpg (3444 bytes)

Airways Florist Valentines $5

ASB Bank . no value

Boots Healthcare

$3 Countdown Variety Club

Pink Batts.jpg (15067 bytes)

Forman Insulation Pink Batts

GilliFashion.jpg (15663 bytes)

Gilli Fashions

$5 Great Barrier Island

Kelly Tires


Marketing Magazine

Auckland Institute of Technology

New Zealand Tennis Member

Royal Akarana Yacht Club

member card 1996-1997


Stewart Greer Motors Ltd

$10 Team Power Ltd

The Court Theatre

The Mad Butcher

United Travel 10 minutes

United Travel $25

15 mins. Michael Hill Jeweller

SmartelYachtingNZBlue.jpg (11295 bytes)

Yachting New Zealand

$25 Maui Campervans

WarehouseNZTA.jpg (18083 bytes)

The Warehouse Touch Rugby

Clubs Direct $2.jpg (3302 bytes)

$2 Clubs Direct N.Z. Ltd

Mainland Cheese.jpg (3539 bytes)

1995 Mainland Cheese

Manga video.jpg (3619 bytes)

1995 Manga Entertainment Ltd

Clubs Direct $2.jpg (3302 bytes)

$2 Clubs Direct N.Z. Ltd

Wickliffe Printers.jpg (2349 bytes)

1995 Wickliffe Printers



First Choice $5.jpg (3989 bytes)

$5 First Choice Rent-A-Car

First Choice $10.jpg (3937 bytes)

$10 First Choice Rent-A-Car

First Choice $20.jpg (3995 bytes)

$20 First Choice Rent-A-Car

MOUNT COOK LINE. 1998 Skifields set.

Mount Cook Line $5.jpg (2896 bytes)

$5 The Remarkables Skifield

Mount Cook line $10.jpg (2734 bytes)

$10 Mt. Hutt Skifield

Mount Cook Line $20.jpg (2767 bytes)

$20 Coronet Peak Skifield


Thomas Cook $5.jpg (2822 bytes)

$5 Shell on beach

Thomas Cook $10.jpg (2975 bytes)

$10 Shell on beach

Thomas Cook $20.jpg (3301 bytes)

$20 Shell on beach


$5 Introduction card

$25 Pay as you go!

10 Minutes World Map (Blue)

Sales Conf'98 $5.jpg (1718 bytes)

5 Minutes Sales Promo'98 Conf.

Travel Card $20.jpg (3105 bytes)

$20 Travel Card

Staff trial card $5.jpg (2694 bytes)

$5 Staff Trial Card

Globe 10 mins.jpg (2383 bytes)



10 Minutes World Globe

Auckland Home Show 1998.jpg (9682 bytes)

1998 ($0) Auckland Home Show





$50 Sheep and Lambs

$50 NZ Banknotes and Coins




Business 98 Bain.jpg (3544 bytes)

Bill Bain


Jude Davidson Ist type

Business 98 Davidson.jpg (3760 bytes)

 Jude Davidson 2nd type

Business McDonald.jpg (3858 bytes)

Dale MacDonald

Business 98 McPherson.jpg (3495 bytes)

Ross Macpherson

Business Rennieb.jpg (3805 bytes)

Mark Rennie Ist type

BusinessRennie.jpg (3771 bytes)

Mark Rennie 2nd type

Business 98 Trevett.jpg (3516 bytes)

Dale Trevett Ist type


It is thought that other names exist.  Each card has $2 worth of calling time. Ist and 2nd types differ

in the type face used in the persons name (Davidson) or the placing of the name after the number (Rennie)

Note:  Dale Trevett was married in 1998 and then used cards showing her new surname of MacDonald.


$1 Green "$5 Scratch and Win"

$1 Purple "$5 Scratch and Win"

$1 Yellow " $5 Scratch and Win"

$25 Gold Card

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