Background To Shades Stamp Shop Ltd

Shades Stamp Shop are full time stamp and phonecard dealers with retail premises in central Christchurch in the central city's busiest shopping mall. The business was opened in 1980 when the manager, Steven McLachlan, took up full time dealing on his own account after eight years working for others in the New Zealand stamp industry.


Steven has been a keen collector of stamps since the age of 7 and for many years a member of various stamp and philatelic societies including since 1977 being president of the New Zealand Stamp Collectors Club (Inc).

He is a keen exhibitor, has been President of several National Stamp Exhibitions and is a Nationally Qualified Philatelic Judge.

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Steven McLachlan

The business has stocked a wide range of stamps from a variety of countries with an emphasis on New Zealand, thematics and the Antarctic.

Shades Stamp Shop became the first New Zealand dealers trading in Phonecards having started phonecard dealing in 1989 when New Zealand first introduced Phonecards.

We carry the largest stock in New Zealand of used phonecards of both New Zealand and overseas countries.

We are members of the New Zealand Stamp Dealers Association and founding members of the New Zealand Phonecard Dealers Association so you can deal with us in confidence.

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Entrance to the Shades Mall from Cashel street.   Our first shop is up the stairs. 

 ShadesShop.jpg (60971 bytes)

Outside view of our first shop on the first floor of the arcade.

In May 2000 we moved within the Arcade to new ground floor premises just off Hereford Street.

ShadesHshop.jpg (83441 bytes)

The view above shows Steven in the entranceway to the new ground floor shop in June 2000, shortly after it was opened.

In 2005 Shades Stamp Shop Ltd commenced a business relationship with New Zealand Collector Services who had previously operated their own separate retail outlet in Worcester St.

New Zealand Collector Services Ltd is New Zealand's leading coin, banknote, medal and badge dealing company. Under this new arrangement Shades Stamp Shop Ltd serves as the retail outlet for New Zealand Collector Services which continues under Tom Taylor-Young to run its own separate on-line business.

In 2005 another move saw the combined business shift (still within Shades Arcade) to a larger more modern location situated at 1A Shades Arcade, 108 Hereford St. In actual fact this current location is closer to the Cashel St end of the Arcade and just downstairs from our first (1980) shop location.

ShadesPenguinsign.jpg (38056 bytes)

This penguin and an identical  friend elsewhere works as a footpath shop sign for our shop.

When you see the penguin our shop can't be far away!


HagglundMcLachlan.jpg (39058 bytes)

Not all work is behind a shop counter. Here Steven is preparing to board a Hagglund  tracked vehicle for its first trip at the Christchurch International Antarctic Centre at the start of a new tourist attraction which takes tourists around the Antarctic Centre, through a lake (Yes, they float) and alongside the tarmac of the airport to see Antarctic bound aircraft. Naturally Steven is carrying a bag with some commemorative covers for the event!

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