A large number of countries have now issued cards showing rugby football. We show below a small selection which we hope to enlarge as time and stock availability permit

Andorra.jpg (21118 bytes)

Front side of the Andorra card shown at right.


Andorrab.jpg (21824 bytes)

ROC1 Andorra. 1997   100 units US$8



CzechSparta.jpg (21155 bytes)

ROC2  Czech Sparta Rugby       US$8


CzechSlaviaRugby.jpg (16780 bytes)

ROC3 Czech 1992 Slavia Rugby US$8


Fiji $20 sevens.jpg (21935 bytes)

ROC4 Fiji International Sevens Mint US$20


France.jpg (18460 bytes)

ROC5 France TGV Train advert. US$5

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