This Mirimar, Wellington based company had links to the United States "UCS Global" company. It issued cards mainly for cheaper international calls to the USA and glamour sex line cards.

In reality we believe the cards were issued by Comunica communications but were branded differently as they wanted to distance themselves from these cards.


WorldcallUCS Global $10.jpg (20145 bytes)

$10 World Map

Worldcall$20on$10.jpg (14492 bytes)

$20 on $10 World Map

1999 EROTI-card SERIES

ErotiBG5$20.jpg (14589 bytes)

$20 Bad Girls 5

ErotiBG$20.jpg (12182 bytes)

$20 Bad Girls 6

ErotiBG7$20.jpg (17109 bytes)

$20 Bad Girls 7

Eroticreditcard.jpg (16378 bytes)

($30) Credicall Bad Girls 7

ErotiBG9$20.jpg (14878 bytes)

$20 Bad Girls 9

ErotiBG10$20.jpg (16027 bytes)

$20 Bad Girls 10

The above cards featuring "Glamour Poses" of attractive young ladies prepay 0900 phonecalls made to sex lines.  The cards were targeted at visiting Asian sailors and were sold in limited outlets in black plastic wrapping to conceal their designs.

Note: Another company operates by the WorldCall name in New Zealand. These cards can be found listed under Newcall which provided the phone services.

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