This company's cards first appeared in mid 2003. It operates through a 0800 number system but has no service number. We are not sure of its ownership or relationship to any other phonecard company so any information would be much appreciated.


kiwitalk$10kiwi.jpg (15554 bytes)

$10 Kiwi

KiwiTalk$12peel.jpg (15812 bytes)

$12 Kiwi

BudgetTalkMilford$16.jpg (13339 bytes)

$16 Milford Sound

KiwiTalk got into difficulties in early 2004 after ways were found to access their cards for unrealistically cheap international calls. In March 2004 their service number was not being answered and the NZ Commerce Commission were investigating the company.  Subsequently these problems seem to have been resolved and the company was operating in the market in November 2004 with a larger market share than previously.

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