These cards first appeared in the middle of 2002 and appeared to be a rebirth of a previous phonecard issuer called ekiwi. The designs are basically identical with only the branding changed.   However Easycall cards are actually issued by AmVia (NZ) Ltd, a Auckland based communications company with origins in South Africa back to 1993 which had in recent times provided line services for a number of New Zealand card brands including both Takanashi, and E-Kiwi, both companies which failed to prosper. When E-Kiwi closed, the popular Maori face design was acquired from E-Kiwi by AmVia (NZ) Ltd for use on their Easycall cards as shown below.


EasyCallMaori$5.jpg (13998 bytes)

$5 Maori design

easycallmaori$10.jpg (13959 bytes)

$10 Maori design

EasyCallMaori$20.jpg (14294 bytes)

$20 Maori design

Note: These cards have backs similar in format to the ekiwi cards of the same basic design. They were an interim design until the amended design cards shown below were issued. We think a $50 value was also issued. The letter "e" in easycall sits higher than the first mountain ridge and the text PrePaid Phone Card is in a small size.

2002 MAORI DESIGNS ammended

easycall20maorilrgword.jpg (13504 bytes)

$20 Maori Design

The above card has the same high letter e in easy but larger "PrePaid Phone Card" text

2002 MAORI DESIGNS ammended

EasyCallMaorilarge$5.jpg (13598 bytes)

$5 Maori Design

EasyCalllargeno$10org.jpg (14090 bytes)

$10 Maori Design

Note: These cards have the larger "PrePaid Phone Card" text at top but the letter e in easy has now been lowered below the mountain ridge line and the word call has now been coloured blue.

EasyCallHITinNZ$10.jpg (14379 bytes)

$10 with Hosting Israeli Travellers in NZ Sticker

2002 MAORI DESIGNS ammended

EasyCallMaorismallsmall$5.jpg (12550 bytes)

$5 Maori Design

EasyCallMaorismallsmall$10.jpg (13299 bytes)

$10 Maori Design

These cards have the smaller "PrePaid Phone card wording and the lowered e in easycall


AmviaXmas2002$5.jpg (13114 bytes)

$5 Santa on Yacht

Note: This card isn't branded Easycall but its access phone numbers indicate this issuer.


EasycallScenic$20Pohutakawamount.jpg (15210 bytes)

$20 Pohutukawa & landscape

EasycallScenery$50.jpg (15916 bytes)

$50 Pohutukawa & landscape

Easycall$20ovpt.jpg (13673 bytes)

$20 with Hosting Israeli Travellers in NZ Sticker

Note: There are probably also $5 and $10 cards in this series.


EasycallKiwifern$5.jpg (15272 bytes)

$5 Kiwi & Fern

Easycall$10LakeCruiser.jpg (11104 bytes)

$10 Lake Cruiser

Easycall$20Kiwi.jpg (15402 bytes)

$20 Kiwi & Fern

EasyCall$50cruiser.jpg (11660 bytes)

$50 Lake Cruiser







2004 DESIGNS marked "Rechargeable".

EasyCallRechargeable$5Maori.jpg (14475 bytes)

$5 Maori Design

EasycallKiwirechargeable$5.jpg (16161 bytes)

$5 Kiwi Design

Easycall$10rechargeable.jpg (13393 bytes)

$10 Maori Design

EasyCall$20MtCookPohutukawarecharge.jpg (15282 bytes)

$20 Mountain & Pohutukawa

Note: These cards have the word "Rechargeable" added below the price and a web url added at bottom right.


easycallMaorirec$10on$5.jpg (13062 bytes)

$10 on $5

Note: The above card is originally a $5 card but has had a $10 sticker added to its face and a new bar code on the back. It is possible that this is the result of a batch of $5 cards being wrongly encoded with $10 values. Several examples have been seen.

2004 - 2005 Easy Call Toll-Free Access Advertising

EasyCallSample.jpg (13352 bytes)

$2 Free Sample

EasycallStray$2.jpg (14073 bytes)

$2 Backpackers

ECBackpackerblue$2.jpg (13145 bytes)

$2 Backpackers

EasyCall$2carRentals.jpg (13223 bytes)

$2 Car Rentals

EasycallUCSA$2.jpg (15476 bytes)


EasyCall$2Travelos.jpg (13660 bytes)

$2 Travelling



EasyCallTFA$10.jpg (13906 bytes)

$10 Toll-Free Access




EasycallBlah$5.jpg (14815 bytes)

$5 Blah Blah

EasycallBlah$10.jpg (15273 bytes)

$10 Blah Blah

ECBlah$20.jpg (15346 bytes)

$20 Blah Blah

Note: These cards are issued by a large internet cafe in Cathedral Square Christchurch. Apart from the cards shown above, there are also $2 and $50 cards in this series.

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