This company appeared in the middle of 2002 and specialises in providing call time to Asian countries for Asian language students studying in New Zealand. It has switches in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch.

2002 Auckland Waterfront Series

ChiTelAkwaterfront$10.jpg (14731 bytes)

$10 Blue

ChiTel$20Auck.jpg (14231 bytes)

$20 Green

Chitel$30Ak.jpg (15037 bytes)

$30 Orange

Chitel$55.jpg (12678 bytes)

$55 Pink

The original printings of this set were all numbered "CHITEL-8" on their backs with a later printing numbered "CHITEL-13" appearing at the end of 2002. There are also shade differences between the two printings as well as wording differences on the backs but the front designs remain the same.

2005 Mirchee Series

Mirchee$20.jpg (14658 bytes)

$20 World Map.

The Mirchee cards are targeted at Indians living in New Zealand making calls back to the sub-continent. They also offer good rates to Pakistan, Afganistan and Sir Lanka among others. There is alsao a $10 red card in the same series.

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