2000 Ngati Porou Millennium Series

WorldXNgati$5.jpg (9963 bytes)

$5 Waiapu River Mouth

WorldXNgati$10.jpg (8813 bytes)

$10 Mt Hikurangi

WorldXNgati$20.jpg (8847 bytes)

$20 Mt Hikurangi

Note: Ngati-Porou is a Maori Iwi or tribe from the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand. This was the first part of New Zealand to see the sun on the first day of the millennium.

2000 Australia Go Card

WorldXAussie$5.jpg (15126 bytes)

$5 Aircraft

Note: This card was issued in New Zealand but for use by New Zealand tourists in Australia. It has 1800 or 1300 call numbers on the reverse.

WorldXchangeGlobe$20.jpg (12103 bytes)

$20 Pacific Ocean

WorldXchangeGlobe$50.jpg (13292 bytes)

$50 White Globe

WorldXchangeGlobe$100.jpg (14435 bytes)

$100 Globe Phone

Note: It is believed that a $200 value card may also exist.

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