These Auckland sourced cards first appeared in mid 2002 and advertise that they use AMVIA line services just as similar Easycall branded cards do.   In actual fact both TalkTronic and Easycall are brand names used by AmVia (NZ) Ltd.

TalkTronic cards are identical to EasyCall in all respects but were originally designed to target the Internet Cafe scene and other 'technical' users. However, AmVia (NZ) Ltd  found that maintaining two brands with identical rates was a little extravagant and from 2004 have been consolidating to the EasyCall brand.  TalkTronic cards will be wound down as stocks decline and regular customers will be encouraged to use the EasyCall card.

2002 Inaugural Cards.

Talktronic2002$5.jpg (8617 bytes)

$5 Green

Talktronic$10Blue.jpg (9752 bytes)

$10 Blue

Talktronic$20red.jpg (10066 bytes)

$20 Red

TalktronicGrey$50.jpg (9771 bytes)

$50 Grey

It is not thought that any other values exist. 

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