Previously listed as World Phone, which was a SMG company with links to Malaysia, the Meihua brand was taken over by Compass Communications in late 2003. Compass who already issue cards under the "Kiaora" and "Go Call" brands is a 100% New Zealand owed company. Note these cards differ from the World phone cards by having the legends "Powered by Compass" added to the top of their design


Meihua$50a.jpg (13921 bytes)

$50 Cherry Blossom

Note: It is likely that this card is one of a interim series between the earlier Worldphone branded cards and the series shown below with Compass branding. Other values are possible although not yet sighted.


Compass$2meihua.jpg (12958 bytes)

$2 Cherry Blossom

Meihua$5Blossom.jpg (12698 bytes)

$5 Cherry Blossom

Meihua$10flower.jpg (12915 bytes)

$10 Cherry Blossom

Meihua$20flower.jpg (12267 bytes)

$20 Cherry Blossom

MeihuaBlossom$30.jpg (12525 bytes)

$30 Cherry Blossom

CompassMeihua$50flower.jpg (13659 bytes)

$50 Cherry Blossom

Note: A similar card on thick plastic but without a value expressed is part of a Compass series and can be found listed under that brand name.

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