Postal History - Other Countries

We carry a wide stock of 20th Century Postal History covers.

Much by it's very nature is difficult to list or quantify  and we invite
requests from collectors asking for particular subjects. Sometimes we may
be able to help, while other times we won't have anything to offer you and
if so will still reply and also add you to our database of topics for
collectors "Wants".

The type of items we stock include;

Mostly WW11 period from Commonwealth Forces but sometimes other items come
our way.

The illustrated English 6d George V1 Air Letter (fore-runner to aerograms)
was posted in 1943 to a soldier serving with the East Africa Command at
that time in Ceylon.
Price US$3.

Through good contacts we have an extensive stock of Russian and Soviet
Union covers including commercially used and philatelicily postmarked
special envelopes and postal stationery cards and envelopes of the past 20
years. Much of this is ideal for thematic or Topical collections and so
our stock of these numbering several thousand items is sorted into
thematic topics.

We illustrate here two sample Soviet Union Postal Stationery Air Letters.	
Price US$3 each.

This is our standard price for most of this type of material. Send us an
email if you are looking for any particular themes.

We try to carry a range of envelopes from most Pacific Islands. Most of
this consists of first day covers, commemorative covers and postal
stationery items but sometimes we also have other items in stock.
Click here to see some modern Pitcairn Island postal history covers.

This ranges from nice selections of Australian, English and Japanese first
day covers along with a wide range of Australian Pre-stamped envelopes and
a selection of maxi-cards from several different countries. Send us an
email listing your special wants.

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