Phonecards From Other Countries

We carry an extensive stock of phonecards from around 100 different countries world wide. Our main stocks are cards from New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain and Ireland. We also have reasonable selections from many other countries in most continents plus some very difficult to obtain countries.


We make a special effort to obtain cards from out of the way places. Those currently  in stock include the following countries.

Albania.jpg (12421 bytes)

Albania 1996 Chip card used.        Price US$4

Andorra.jpg (13706 bytes)

Andorra 1997 100 Units chip used.      Price US$5

Angola.jpg (13752 bytes)

Angola Telecom chip card used.      Price US$5

Armenia.jpg (13360 bytes)

Armenia Urmet magnetic card used.     Price US$4

Aruba.jpg (11081 bytes)

Aruba single chip card issued by SETAR used.      Price US$3

Bahamas.jpg (16540 bytes)

Bahamas $10 Flamingo used.           Price US$3

Bahrain.jpg (14119 bytes)

Bahrain Kerosine distributor 25 units used.       Price US$3

Bangladesh.jpg (13487 bytes)

Bangladesh Urmet 100 units card used.          Price US$3

Bermuda.jpg (9643 bytes)

Bermuda $10 remote memory card used.     Price US$3

BrVirgin.jpg (17793 bytes)

British Virgin Islands $10 wildlife Butterflies used.     Price US$3

Brunei.jpg (15361 bytes)

Brunei $20 Old Village used.        Price US$3

Bulgaria.jpg (14765 bytes)

Bulgaria 5 units GPT/BTC card used.        Price US$3

Cambodia1.jpg (16847 bytes)

Cambodia2.jpg (18239 bytes)

Cambodia pair of 1995 cards used.     Price US$5

CapeVerde.jpg (12884 bytes)

Cape Verde1996 Pig moneybank used.        Price US$8

CookIslands$20KiaOrana.jpg (15444 bytes)

Cook Islands 2001 Kia Orana remote $20 card used.       Price US$5

CostaRica.jpg (15022 bytes)

Costa Rica 1997 Ice telecommunications used.    Price US$5

Dominica.jpg (14574 bytes)

Dominica $10 Ginger Lilies used.         Price US$4

Egypt.jpg (14030 bytes)

Egypt magnetic card used.         Price US$3

Faroes.jpg (12698 bytes)

Faroe Islands 1993 20Kr used.           Price US$5

QE2FalkPC.jpg (54239 bytes)

Falkland Islands 7.50 mag strip card showing QE2 used.         Price US$4

Click here to see our full range of Falkland Islands phonecards

FijiFintel$10GSTBeach.jpg (12760 bytes)

Fiji FINTEL $10 Beach scene used.     Price US$2

French Polynesia.jpg (9912 bytes)

French Polynesia 60 unites used. (Variety available        Price US$5

Gambia.jpg (10109 bytes)

Gambia 125 units chip card used.           Price US$4

Ghana.jpg (15030 bytes)

Ghana 60 units Optical card used.     Price US$3

Gibraltar.jpg (16588 bytes)

Gibraltar Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme mint.     Price US$5

Hawaii.jpg (14248 bytes)

Hawaii GTE 10 unit magnetic card used.         Price US$4

HongKong.jpg (15884 bytes)

Hong Kong $50 magnetic card used.     Price US$2

Iceland.jpg (11760 bytes)

Iceland 100 SKREF waterbird used.      Price US$5

Jamaica.jpg (10681 bytes)

Jamaica $50 Lighthouse magnetic card used.    Price US$4

Jordan.jpg (16677 bytes)

Jordan 1998 Royal Jordanian airlines chip card used.     US$4

Kenya.jpg (10201 bytes)

Kenya Magnetic card used.    US$3

Kiribati.jpg (13874 bytes)

Kiribati Original $5 issue chip card mint.            Price US$5

Kuwait.jpg (13754 bytes)

Kuwait GPT K.D.5 unit card used.        Price US$4

Mali.jpg (8494 bytes)

Mali 10 unites chip card used.         Price US$3

Monaco.jpg (15562 bytes)

Monaco 50 unites 1991 used.       Price US$5

Nauru.jpg (15937 bytes)

$10 Green Pigmy Goose

NauruKoala$10.jpg (14102 bytes)

$10 Koala Bear

Nauru unencoded pair of Comcards unused.   Price US$5

Norway.jpg (14663 bytes)

Norway Chip card used.   Price US$4

Oman.jpg (9921 bytes)

Oman GPT magnetic card used.      Price US$3

Pakistan.jpg (14923 bytes)

Pakistan 30 units chip card used.        Price US$3

Papua.jpg (17387 bytes)

Papua New Guinea 1992 Optical card used.    Price US$3

Paraguay.jpg (11083 bytes)

Paraguay 1992 50 Impulsos chip card used.      Price US$5

Phillip04.jpg (8074 bytes)

Phillipines 500 units "Rice Terraces" used.      Price US$3

Qatar.jpg (10114 bytes)

Qatar 20 Riyals used magnetic card.         Price US$3

Ross$50ScottBase.jpg (13275 bytes)

Ross Dependency $50 Scott Base used.      Price US$15

SamoaTelecom$5.jpg (15966 bytes)

Samoa $5 GPT Magnetic card unused   Price US$8

Solomon Islands.jpg (8231 bytes)

Solomon Islands $10 canoe card used.     Price US$3

StMaarten.jpg (12884 bytes)

St. Maarten Tel-Em 60 units used.        Price US$4

StKitts.jpg (14929 bytes)

St. Kitts & Nevis $10 used.       Price US$4

StVincent&Gren.jpg (14481 bytes)

St. Vincent & the Grenadines $10 used.          Price US$3

Saudi.jpg (16033 bytes)

Saudi Arabia 50 Riyals GPT magnetic card used.      Price US$4

RSA.jpg (11572 bytes)

South Africa 10 rand used chip card.        Price US$4

SriLanka.jpg (11718 bytes)

Sri Lanka Rs300 magnetic card used.     Price US$4

Thailand.jpg (14567 bytes)

Thailand 100 Baht optical card used.     Price US$3

Tokelau.jpg (15285 bytes)

Tokelau Islands $5 card as shown above        Price US$10


Tonga Inaugural issue $5 card.           Price US$5

Turkey.jpg (13268 bytes)

Turkey 30 units magnetic card used.        Price US$4

Uganda.jpg (14178 bytes)

Uganda 75 units Starcom chip card used.       Price US$4

UAE.jpg (13863 bytes)

United Arab Emirates 30 Dhs chip card used.       Price US$3

Uruguay.jpg (13640 bytes)

Uruguay 100 units Magnetic card used.    Price US$4

Vanuatu.jpg (17574 bytes)

Vanuatu 1993 30 units chip card used.   Price US$5

Vietnam.jpg (13908 bytes)

Vietnam 30,000 D magnetic card used.     Price US$5

Yemen.jpg (13460 bytes)

Yemen 80 units magnetic card used.         Price US$4

If you are trying to complete a collection of as many different countries as possible just drop us a list of those you already have and we will see what we can offer you in the way of other countries.

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