Contacting and Ordering Information


We can be contacted and orders can be arranged by the following methods;


Our usual email address is;
We can also be contacted through the following email address which is worked through a different server so is usefull if you wish to send credit card details split into two emails.

All email is read each day and is attended to with a reply normally the
same day or within 48 hours.  

Sadly because of a recent computer update we can no longer receive faxes. (Such is progress!)

Our business number is (64) 3 3666390.   

The (64) is the country code for New Zealand.
If you would like to give us a phone call please feel free to do so but please remember that we may well be in a quite different time zone.  
New Zealand is normally (ignoring daylight saving etc);

  • 2 hours ahead of Eastern Australia
  • 4 hours ahead of Singapore
  • 8 hours ahead of Abu Dhabi
  • 11 hours ahead of Germany
  • 12 hours ahead of Great Britain
  • 17 hours ahead of New York
  • 20 hours ahead of San Francisco.
Our normal Business Hours are 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Thursday, 9am to 
7.30pm Friday and 10am to 2pm Saturdays.

All mail (other than email) should be sent to us at;
We welcome callers to our shop. In the past 20 years we have been visited
by customers from as far afield as Russia, Argentina, The South Pole,
Oman, Alaska and of course many places in between.  We always keep a wide
display of items in our shop so there will always be plenty to see.

We are happy to accept payment by most modern forms including the

Credit cards. We can accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express,
JCB and any other related card. Our shop has an eftpos (Electronic funds
transfer point of sale) terminal so the commission charges to us on credit
card payments are very low and we prefer this method.  If paying by credit
card we require card numbers, expiry date and a signature.
We are also happy to have payments made by direct bank transfer to our
 bank accounts in New Zealand and Australia.

    0040.gif (9926 bytes)   EMAILING CREDIT CARD DETAILS   0040.gif (9926 bytes)

As an extra security measure we suggest that customers split their credit card details (number and expiry date) into two separate emails and send half in each email to us at the following email addresses which are operated through different servers owned by different internet companies and downloaded by us separately.


Currencyrotate.gif (13192 bytes)    CURRENCY EXCHANGE RATES  Currencyrotate.gif (13192 bytes)

All our prices on this web site are expressed in US Dollars ($) If you want to know what a particular amount is in another currency just visit the  Currency Converter below and you can get a conversion into any currency done on line with no cost and no hassle

To make a conversion click here

JCBcardslogo.jpg (7519 bytes)

 Bank Checks (Cheques) We can accept personal checks from most countries.
If you are uncertain check with your bank.

Bank Drafts. Always a safe bet if you are worried about mail going astray
although we find this very rarely happens.

Direct Bank Transfer.  We are happy to accept this method of payment.
Contact us for account details etc.

Currency Banknotes.  We can accept currency notes of all major world
currencies. If in doubt remember that US dollars or Euros are always acceptable.

We also accept payment by  paypal_logo.gif (1312 bytes)    

If paying by Paypal our ID is  ""

Other Payment Methods. Check with us first before sending. Some money
orders and other documents may not always be acceptable.

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