New Zealand Sports Covers

We list here only a small part of our stock of sports covers. If you are
interested in a particular sport let us know and we can email you a list
of covers available on your particular sport.



1987(Mar 4th)   Special datestamped cover  for the Centenary of the  New Zealand Amateur Athletic Association. with Special   Pictorial datestamp.                    Price US$3



1986 (Dec 29th)  Canterbury Cricket Society Special Cover for Shell Cup Match between Canterbury and Central Districts teams.  Cover has 11 autographs of the Canterbury team members which included Richard Hadlee, John Wright, Rod Latham etc.                           Price US$10

1992(Mar 25th)   Cricket World Cup Final in Melbourne in which Pakistan beat England. Cover has East Melbourne special pictorial World Cup Final datestamp.                   Price US$5



WorldDeafGamescvr.jpg (58261 bytes)

1989(Jan 7th)   Cover with special pictorial datestamp used at Christchurch for the 16th World Games for the Deaf.                                                                                                                    Price US$3



1986(Nov 14th)    Centenary of Otago Lawn Tennis Association special  cover with pictorial datestamp used at Dunedin post office   marking Tennis stamps.                             Price US$4


1987(Oct 7th)     World Artistic Roller Skating Championships held in  Auckland.  Cover has special pictorial datestamp used  at St. Heliers.                                  Price US$3



1988(Mar 16th)    Centenary of New Zealand Amateur Rowing Association at Wanganui.  Special cover with Wanganui datestamp.                                                                                 Price US$3



1986(Jan 17th)    V1 Women's World Softball Championships held at  Auckland.  Special cover has the Special Pictorial datestamp used at Auckland.                                        Price US$3



1986(Oct 6th)     1986 World Amateur Snooker Championships held at Invercargill with special pictorial datestamp. Cover   autographed by 1986 N.Z. Snooker Champion. Price US$5



We have a separate page for rugby covers. Click here to see it.



1981(Dec 26th)    Whitbread Round The World Yacht Race special cover with special FPO pictorial datestamp for the race. Autographed by Peter Blake.              Price US$8

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