New Zealand Phonecard Listings

We carry a full range of all New Zealand Phonecards both mint and used condition as well as cards in special packages including the well known Telecom Collector Packs and the equally well known Event Masters Disney Folders. These listings are complete on a simplified basis. If you require something you can't find in these listings please E-Mail us for our current best price offers.

Standard Issue Phonecards 1989-1992

Standard Issue Phonecards 1993-1996

Standard Issue Phonecards 1997-1999

Smart Chip Cards 1999 - 2003

Smart Chip cards 2004 -

Advertising Phonecards

Telecom New Zealand Collector Packs

New Zealand Phonecard Varieties

New Zealand Disney Phonecards

Other Phonecard Packs and Folders

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Telecom New Zealand Remote Memory cards

GSM (Cellular) phonecards

VISA Cash Cards  

Private Overprints on New Zealand Phonecards

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