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We stock a wide range of 20th century items with a special emphasis on
covers with a thematic appeal. If you have a special collecting interest
send us an email to see what we have available on your topic.  We list
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Other Topics

We have a very wide range of covers on various topics. The following are
just a small selection from which we hope you find something interesting.


Outer Islands

1986(Dec 29th)    Chatham Islands.  Special cover with pictorial datestamp
                  used at Waitangi for the unveiling of Mariori Monument.                        Price US$5

1987(Jly 21st)    Kermadec Islands. Special cover with Raoul Island postmark
                  plus cachet of Meteorological Station for centennial of  annexation.           Price US$10

1986(Jly 28th)    Stewart Island. Pictorial cover for first day of new
                              pictorial anchor datestamp used at Halfmoon Bay Post  Office.     Price US$3

1985(Feb 22nd)    Bird - Weka. Centenary of Mangaweka pictorial datestamp
                  used at this town which shows view of a weka.                                        Price US$3

1983(Oct 20th)    Bird - Kakapo. Cover issued for Canterbury Museum Kakapo
                         expedition to Takaka State Forest & 3 signatures of  Zoologists.     Price US$5

1992(Oct 13th)    Bird - Moas.  Canterbury Museum official cover with pictorial
                  Museum meter showing skeleton of Moa and Moa.                               Price US$4

1986(Feb 15th)    Whale.  150th Anniversary of Riverton township. Riverton in Foveaux Strait

 was an old whaling base. Special Pictorial  datestamp showing whale spouting.    Price US$4

1986(Dec 24th)    Whale. 150th Anniversary of Moeraki township which was an
                  old whaling base. Special pictorial datestamp shows whale  blowing.          Price US$4

1987(Nov 18th)    Dolphin. First day of Pictorial Opononi Datestamp which
                  shows "Opo" the famous friendly dolphin.                                                  Price US$3

1987(Feb 10th)    Limnology. Special Pictorial Postmark for the 23rd
                  International Congress of Limnology (Fresh water sciences)
                  on cover with fresh water Salmon stamp.                                                   Price US$3

1991(Mar 1st)     Dinosaurs. Canterbury Museum Official envelope with
                  pictorial meter design with picture of Dinosaur and legend
                  "The Dinosaur is Here!".                                                                             Price US$4

1988(Feb 29th)    Flowers - Dahlias. Special cover and pictorial datestamp
                  for the 50th Anniversary of the National Dahlia Society of
                  New Zealand at Christchurch.                                                                     Price US$3


1986(Jan 3rd)     Fire Brigade. Hastings Fire Brigade Centennial cover
                  with special pictorial datestamp on set of four fire
                  fighting stamps issued in 1977.                                                                        Price US$5

1987(Feb 28th)    Fire Brigade. United Fire Brigades anniversary conference
                  and competitions held at Lower Hutt with signatures of 2  presidents.              Price US$4

1991(Nov 28th)    Police.  Special cover and Pictorial datestamp for the
                  International Police Association 13th World Congress held in
                  Wellington. strip of 5 Police stamps.                                                               Price US$8

1987(Oct 1st)     Traffic Enforcement.  Special cover and Special Pictorial
                  datestamp used at Trentham for the 50th Anniversary
                  of National Traffic Enforcement.                                                                       Price US$4

1986(Aug 21st)    Meteorological Service. Special Cover with Special
                  Pictorial datestamp for the 125th Anniversary of the Met.
                  Service. With 2 autographs.                                                                               Price US$5

1987(Nov 18th)    Lighthouses. First day of permanent pictorial datestamp at
                  Cape Reinga featuring the lighthouse in which the Post Office is situated.              Price US$3

1987(Mar 27th)    Airports.  Golden Jubilee of Christchurch International
                  Airport special cover with Special pictorial datestamp.                                       Price US$3

1986(Dec 31st)    Jamboree.  Special cover with Pictorial Datestamp for the
                  11th New Zealand Scout Jamboree held at Rangiora.                                          Price US$3

1985(Apr 6th)     Satellites.  Special Pictorial Postmark for 20th
                  Anniversary of launch of Early Bird (Intelsat 1) satellite
                  at Warkworth Earth station town.                                                                          Price US$3

1988(Sep 14th)    Observatory. Special cover and special Pictorial Datestamp
                  for the 50th Anniversary of the Carter National Observatory in Wellington.             Price US$3

1986(Nov 5th)     Brass Band.  Special First Day Cover  for 60 cent Brass Band
                  stamp with cachet and signatures of National Champion Skellerup Brass Band.      Price US$5

1987(Mar 6th)     Symphony Orchestra.  Special cover and Special pictorial
                  datestamp for the 40th Anniversary of New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.               Price US$4

1987(Aug 24th)    Youth Orchestra.  Special cover and Special Pictorial
                  datestamp for New Zealand Youth Orchestra Concert at Lincoln College.                 Price US$4

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