New Zealand Disney Phonecards

Telecom New Zealand has issued  several different sets of Disney promotional cards
on behalf of the New Zealand Disney license holder, Event Masters Ltd.

These very popular cards are available either in special folders as produced by 
Event Masters or as loose cards in mint condition.  New Zealand Disney cards 
are rarely available used. 

The complete range of Disney New Zealand cards is as follows;

1994 Mickey Mouse Part 1 set of 4 cards.	  (1000)   $400 folder  $350 set

1994 Snow White & Seven Dwarfs set of 3 cards.    (3000)   $70 folder   $20 set

1994 Lion King single card.			  (4000)   $55 folder   $30 card
1995 Pinocchio pair of cards.			  (3000)   $55 folder   $12 pair

1995 Mickey Mouse 11 set of 4 cards. 	  	  (1500)   $200 folder  $30 set

1995 Pocahontas single card.		    	  (3000)   $55 folder   $7 card
1995 Donald Duck 1 set of 3 sports designs.	  (2000)   $250 folder	$20 set
1996 Friends of Mickey 1 - Goofy set of 5 cards   (2000)   $250 folder	$30 set 
1996 Mickey Mouse 111 "Fantasia" set of 4 cards.  (2000)   $250 folder	$25 set

1996 Hunchback of Notre Dame single card.	  (2000)   $150 folder	$7 card

1996 Donald Duck 11 - Romancing Daisy		  (2000)   $150 folder	$18 set

There are further cards planed for issue during 1997

We also stock an extensive range of Disney phonecards issued by other countries. 
We can offer the following cards from other countries.

We have a range of three different used Disney cards       Price US$5 each
issued at Euro Disney.	 

We have used copies of an attractive Pocahontas card       Price US$5 each
issued by Italy.		 

We have a fabulous range of over 100 different designs     Price US$5 each
on used cards.		

We have a selection of around 12 different designs on 	   Price US$5 each
mint cards.			

This varies from day to day and can include Australia, Finland, 
Singapore and Great Britain.

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