The cards below all have movie titles starting with the word "The"

The Abbys.jpg (6261 bytes)

TH1 "The Abyss"

The Accused.jpg (8068 bytes)

TH2 "The Accused"

The Addams Family.jpg (3594 bytes)

TH3 "The Addams Family"


The Bear.jpg (7457 bytes)

TH4 "The Bear"


TheBear.jpg (8413 bytes)

TH5 "The Bear" diff *


The Black Cobra 2.jpg (3429 bytes)

TH6 "The Black Cobra 2"


The Blues Brothers.jpg (3834 bytes)

TH7 "The Blues Brothers"


The Bridges.jpg (5031 bytes)

TH8 "The Bridges of Madison Country"


The Butcher's.jpg (8793 bytes)

TH9 "The Butcher's Wife"


The Butcher's Wife.jpg (3768 bytes)

TH10 "The Butcher's Wife" diff


The Cannonball Run.jpg (4563 bytes)

TH11 "The Cannon Ball Run"

TheChancez.jpg (15022 bytes)

TH12 "The Chance"

TheChase.jpg (8564 bytes)

TH13 "The Chase"

TheColourofMoney.jpg (14639 bytes)

TH14 "The Colour of Money"

ThedarkHalfz.jpg (14000 bytes)

TH15 "The Dark Half"


The English.jpg (6218 bytes)

TH16 "The English Patient"

The Exorcist111.jpg (6825 bytes)

TH17 "The Exorcist 111"

The Exorcist111a.jpg (7752 bytes)

TH18 "The Exorcist 111" diff

The Fabulous.jpg (7548 bytes)

TH19 "The Fabulous Baker Boys"

The Fabulous2.jpg (7831 bytes)

TH20 "The Fabulous Baker Boys" Laser Disc

The Firm.jpg (6610 bytes)

TH21 "The Firm"

TheFirstWivesClubz.jpg (12942 bytes)

TH22 "The First Wives Club"


The Flintstonesa.jpg (9331 bytes)

TH23 "The Flintstones" *


The Flintstones.jpg (9939 bytes)

TH24 "The Flintstones" diff


The Fly11.jpg (5849 bytes)

TH25 "The Fly 11"


thefugitive.jpg (7257 bytes)

TH26 "The Fugitive"


The Getaway.jpg (8229 bytes)

TH27 "The Getaway"


The Ghost and the Darkness.jpg (5733 bytes)

TH28 "The Ghost and the Darkness"


The Glass Menagerie.jpg (5630 bytes)

TH29 "The Glass Menagerie" *


The Glimmerman.jpg (6138 bytes)

TH30 "The Glimmerman" *


The Godfather.jpg (6474 bytes)

TH31 "The Godfather"*


The Godfather11.jpg (6914 bytes)

TH32 "The Godfather part 11" *


The Godfather111.jpg (6005 bytes)

TH33 "The Godfather part 111"


The Golden.jpg (8116 bytes)

TH34 "The Golden Child" *


The Good.jpg (7648 bytes)

TH35 "The Good Son"


The Gunrunner.jpg (3564 bytes)

TH36 "The Gunrunner"


The Hand.jpg (8183 bytes)

TH37 "The Hand that Rocks the Cradle" *


The Hard Way.jpg (8901 bytes)

TH38 "The Hard Way"


The Hunt for Red October a.jpg (4780 bytes)

TH39 "The Hunt for Red October" *


The Hunt.jpg (6525 bytes)

TH40 "The Hunt for Red October"


The Last Emperor.jpg (3748 bytes)

TH41 "The Last Emperor"


The Last of the Moheciansa.jpg (3528 bytes)

TH42 "The Last of the Mohicans"*

The Last of the Mohicans.jpg (3819 bytes)

TH43 "The Last of the Mohicans"*


TheLivingDaylightsx.jpg (14261 bytes)

TH44 "The Living Daylights"


TheLivingDaylightsy.jpg (16488 bytes)

TH45 "The Living Daylights"diff


TheLivingDaylightsz.jpg (14312 bytes)

TH46 "The Living Daylights"diff

TheLivingDaylightszgold.jpg (12142 bytes)

TH47 "The Living Daylights"diff

The Long Kiss Goodnight.jpg (8203 bytes)

TH48 "The Long Kiss Goodnight"


TheLostWorldb.jpg (15244 bytes)

TH49 "The Lost World"*

TheManinMaskb.jpg (14108 bytes)

TH50 "The Man in the Iron Mask"

The Naked Gun.jpg (9220 bytes)

TH51 "The Naked Gun"


Thenestz.jpg (14931 bytes)

TH52 "The Nest"

The Next Karate Kid.jpg (3593 bytes)

TH53 "The Next Karate Kid"

ThePeacemakerb.jpg (15417 bytes)

TH 54 "The Peacemaker"


The Piano.jpg (6542 bytes)

TH55 "The Piano"

The Portrait of a Lady.jpg (7560 bytes)

TH56 "The Portrait of a Lady" *

The Presidio.jpg (3628 bytes)

TH57 "The Presidio"


The Queen of Spades.jpg (6750 bytes)

TH58 "The Queen of Spades"

The Shootist.jpg (7122 bytes)

TH59 "The Shootist"

TheTrumanShowz.jpg (12911 bytes)

TH60 "The Truman Show"


The Silence of the Lambs.jpg (2979 bytes)

TH52 "The Silence of the Lambs"


The Silence of the Lambsa.jpg (2676 bytes)

TH53 "The Silence of the Lambs" diff


The taking BH.jpg (7241 bytes)

TH54 "The Taking of Beverly Hills"



The Untouchables.jpg (8924 bytes)

TH55 "The Untouchables"*


The X-Files Second Season.jpg (3684 bytes)

TH56 "The X-Files. Second season"*

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