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The "Waipa Delta" is a replica paddle steamer which operates pleasure cruises on the Waikato River at Hamilton on the North Island of New Zealand.  She was built in Tauranga in 1985 and is operated by Delta Tours Ltd of Hamilton.


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WAIPA 1  1991 Cover posted on board vessel. Signed by Captain.    US$4

Note: Stamp is postmarked with a special pictorial postmark at Hamilton showing the Hamilton Bridge over the Waikato River.

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WAIPA 2  1986 Postcard with pictorial datestamp depicting "Waipa Delta".    US$2

The postmark on the above postcard is shown at right in enlarged size.

The National Fieldays are New Zealand's major agricultural show attracting many thousands of farmers over several days. They are situated alongside the Waikato river at Mystery Creek.

The "Waipa Delta" provides tourist rides for many of those attending the fieldays.

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WAIPA 3  1994 New Zealand Phonecard  showing "Waipa Delta".   US$5

*****  WAIPA DELTA "Petes Post" Postage stamps  *****

"Pete's Post" is an independent postal Operator in New Zealand delivering mail through various regions of the bottom and middle of the North Island.

Their stamps reflect the areas in which they operate and this includes Hamilton, the home of the "Wapa Delta" which operates from there on the Waikato River.

There are two different values. 35 cents which is the Local or within Hamilton rate and 90 cents which is the large size letter rate. The stamps are self-adhesive and are issued in booklets of 10 stamps. We show the front of a 35 cent booklet cover at right and a pane of the 90 cent stamps below.

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WAIPA 4  Pete's Post 35 cents local rate booklet  of 10 mint stamps showing "Waipa Delta".   US$4

WAIPA 5  Pete's Post 90 cents large size booklet  of 10 mint stamps showing "Waipa Delta".   US$9

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