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The "Vanguardia" is the regular supply ship used by the Uruguayan Antarctic Institute for the resupply of its Antarctic Base "Artigas".

She was built in 1976 and purchased by Armada (Navy) Uruguay on the 18th December 1991.  She is 72 metres long.

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VANGUARDIA 1  2000 (February 1st)  Cover from the "Vanguardia" posted at Punta Arenas.  US$4

Note: The above covers bears a large sticker of the Uruguay Antarctic Institute on the reverse. The cover is backstamped on arrival at Christchurch on 10th February 2000.

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"Vanguardia" at Artigas Base on King George Island using a helicopter to ferry supplies ashore

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Uruguay Navy crest

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VANGUARDIA 2  2002 (December 31st)  Cover from the "Vanguardia" posted at Artigas Base.  US$6

Note: The above cover was posted at Uruguay's Artigas Antarctic Base. Artigas mail  is usually posted out through the nearby Chilean Eduardo Frei Base and accordingly bears Chilean stamps.

The envelope is backstamped on arrival in Christchurch on 11 March, 2003. Pictured at right is the Captain of "Vanguardia", Comandante Carlos Coccaro who has autographed the envelope shown below.

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VANGUARDIA 3  2003 (January 24th)  Cover from  "Vanguardia" posted at Punta Arenas.  US$6

Note: Signed by the ship's Captain.

Backstamped on arrival in Christchurch on 7 February, 2003, the envelope also bears a large Uruguayan Antarctic sticker on its reverse.

The picture at right shows the "Vanguardia" berthed in Ushuaia on January 24th 2003, the day the above envelope was posted.

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VANGUARDIA 4  2004 (March 15th)  Cover from "Vanguardia" posted at Eduardo Frei base.  US$8

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The above cover was posted by the "Vanguardia" at the Uruguayan Antarctic Base "Artigas" and transferred from there to the nearby Chilean "Eduardo Frei" Base which is also situated on King George Island.

The view at left shows the 8 cachets applied to the back of the envelope at Artigas Base.

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