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The "tradewind" is a 2 masted historic sailing vessel which in the late 1980's was based in the South of New Zealand and during this time undertook a series of cruises to various sub-Antarctic Islands. Originally built in Holland in 1911 she has a square topsail schooner rig.

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TRADEWIND 1  1989 Set of 4 covers from 4 diff Islands on sub-Antarctic cruise.  US$15 set

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Note: The above covers each bear different labels for MacQuarie Island, Auckland Islands, The Snares and Campbell Island respectively.  The covers have been postmarked at the next port of call with an Official Post Office.

The cinderellas on the above covers are listed in full along with others on our Antarctic Cinderellas. page.


The view at left shows "Tradewind" at anchor in the Auckland Islands during her sub-Antarctic cruise.

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