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The "Switzerland"  is a cruise liner which carries 422 passengers in 211 cabins. It specialises in round the world and destination cruises. It was originally built in 1955 as the Port Line refrigerated cargo ship "Port Sydney". In 1974 however both "Port Sydney" and her sister ship "Port Melbourne" were converted to cruise liners and following a series of owership and name changes are now known as the "Switzerland" and the "Princess Danae".

The "Switzerland" is currently (from 1996) operated by Leisure Cruises of Panama .

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Picture side of postcard

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Address side of postcard

SWITZERLAND 1  1999 (November 15th)  postcard posted at Punta Arenas with 2 ship's cachets  US$4

Note: the picture  postcard offered above is the ship's own official postcard which is made available on board the vessel to passengers. Punta Arenas is the southern most port in Chile and is located on the Magellan Strait. it is used by many vessels as the last port of call before going to or returning from the Antarctic.

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Address side of postcard

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Picture side of postcard

SWITZERLAND 2  1999 (November 15th)  postcard posted at Punta Arenas with 1 ship's cachet.  US$4

Note: this postcard shows an attractive view of Cape Horn, the southern most tip of South America on the island of Tierra Del Fuego.

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The above view shows the "Switzerland" berthed in Punta Arenas on November 15th 1999, the same day the postcards were posted there.  On the right behind the vessel can be seen the huge Oil rig which was drilling in the Magellan strait just off Punta Arenas.

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