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The "Sonne" is a German Oceanagraphic Research Vessel based in Bremen. she is equipped to sample the Ocean bed by drilling and recently has also carried her own submersible.

In 1998 as part of the United Nations International Year of the Ocean she voyaged to the South West Pacific where she undertook drilling and other sedimentary sampling around New Zealand, in the Great Southern Basin and on the Chatham Islands rise, prior to arriving in Wellington on the 15th October 1999. The picture above shows her tied up alongside her berth in Wellington.

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SONNE 1  Aerogramme with "Wellington Packet Boat" cancel on German stamp.   US$5

Note: The aerogramme is autographed by a New Zealand scientist from Canterbury University who was working on board the vessel while off the New Zealand coast.

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SONNE 2  Envelope with ship cachets and German stamp postmarked "Wellington Packet Boat"   US$4

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This picture shows the "Sonne" underway. Her name is German for "Sun". After Wellington her next port of call was Hobart in Tasmania.

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SONNE 3   Envelope posted paquebot on arrival at Hobart with ship cachets.   US$4

Note: Hobart does not have a special Paquebot datestamp but instead postmarks stamps with an ordinary  Hobart handstamp and then applies a straight lined "Paquebot" cachet at top.

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SONNE 4   Envelope posted paquebot on arrival at Hobart with ship cachets.   US$4

Note: This cover bears New Zealand stamps which have been treated as Paquebot by the application of the Hobart Straight lined "Paquebot" marking at top.

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