The 42nd Japanese Antarctic Programe was once again supported by the Japan Defense Ship "Shirase". The following photos record this 42nd JARE which took place between November, 2000 and April 2001.

ShiraseMap2000-01.gif (10855 bytes)

The Map at left shows the route of the "Shirase"  which includes a circumnavigation of Australia.

At right we can see the departure of "Shirase" from Japan with the traditional streamers much in evidence.

Shirasedepartpic.jpg (27904 bytes)


Shirasesticker.jpg (56115 bytes)

The above is a sticker used by the Shirase.


FreoShirasea.jpg (41990 bytes)

The "Shirase" arriving at Fremantle on the Western Australian Coast on the morning of November 28th, 2000.


At right  we see the "Shirase" entering the river port ShiraseFreo.jpg (21100 bytes)


FreoShiraseb.jpg (56002 bytes)

Escorted by two Fremantle Port tugs the "Shirase glides up the main channel.


FreoShirasec.jpg (52627 bytes)

The "Shirase" being turned around by the tugs.


FreoShirased.jpg (46115 bytes)

Being turned to face downstream.


FreoShirasee.jpg (55720 bytes)

Being held into the wharf as mooring lines are fixed.


FreoShirasem.jpg (46100 bytes)

The "Shirase" berthed at the Fremantle Passenger Terminal on Victoria Quay.


FreoShirasef.jpg (61231 bytes)

With the gangway lowered important people are allowed on board.


FreoShiraseg.jpg (54743 bytes)

The vessel wears its name while in port.


ShiraseFreoZylinski.jpg (60165 bytes)

The Ship's agent in Western Australia is Mr Derek Zylinski of K-Line


KlausShirase2.jpg (53955 bytes)

The noted Antarctic Postal Historian Klaus Arne Pedersen on the "Shirase's" helicopter deck with the "Shirase's" Radio Officer/Postmaster Mr Kohei Okamura.


FreoShiraseh.jpg (26643 bytes)

The Ship's agent in Western Australia, Mr Derek Zylinski of K-Line at left and the "Shirase's" Radio Officer Kohei Okamura.


FreoShirasei.jpg (60314 bytes)

On the evening of the 28th November, 2000 the Consul-General of Japan hosted an official welcome to the "Shirase" on board the vessel on behalf of the Commanding Officer, Captain Yoshinari Ishikado and the leader of the 42nd Japanese Antarctic research Expedition, Professor Yoichi Motoyoshi. The photo above shows people on the helicopter deck during the reception.


FreoShirasej.jpg (54245 bytes)

A special ceremony  was held on board  involving several chosen guests as shown above who were honoured with the task of splicing the sake barrell.


FreoShirasel.jpg (63676 bytes)


At left we see the sake being ladled out to guests.
FreoShirasen.jpg (50529 bytes)

The "Shirase" had a small number of items on board including the above picture postcard showing the vessel in the Antarctic on the previous 1999-2000 season.


The design at right shows the sholder patch worn by the aircrew of "Shirase's" helicopter detail. ShiraseHelopatch.jpg (61909 bytes)


Shirasepatch2.jpg (56386 bytes)


The design at left shows the official patch for the previous 41st expedition
The patch at right was also used on the 41st expedition. Shirasepatch3.jpg (38500 bytes)
Shirasestick.jpg (17410 bytes) We show at left a sticker available on board the "Shirase".


ShiraseFreopic12.jpg (50285 bytes)

An early morning view of "Shirase" before her departure from Fremantle


Shirasepc1.jpg (49656 bytes)

The view above shows "Shirase" in ice not far from Syowa Base.


ShiraseinIcepic.jpg (16756 bytes)

This view taken from a helicopter shows "Shirase" near Syowa Base with people and vehicles visible on the ice during December, 2000

Shirase301200.jpg (23496 bytes)

Above we see two of the tracked vehicles used to transfer goods and people to Syowa Base alongside "Shirase" on 30th December, 2000.


ShirasepicinIce.jpg (38615 bytes)

A different angle with "Shirase" parked in the ice.


ShiraseAntpicHelo.jpg (43562 bytes)

Helicopter operations from "Shirase"

ShiraseheloIcepic3.jpg (15914 bytes)

Helicopter operations from "Shirase"

The view at right shows a close up of one of the two helicopters arriving at Syowa Base.  

Shirasehelopic.jpg (22827 bytes)


ShiraseSydneyArrivalMar01.jpg (27753 bytes)

The "Shirase" arriving in Sydney on 21st March, 2001


ShiraseSyd01OPpic2.jpg (58028 bytes)

"Shirase" docked at the Overseas passenger terminal as seen above with the Sydney Harbour bridge visible in the background.

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