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The "Seven Seas Navigator" is a large 490 passenger cruise vessel of 30,800 tons operated by Radisson Seven Seas Cruise Lines. It was originally designed as a cargo vessel but in 1999 rebuilt in France as a cruise liner. Her first cruise was in September 1999. Her 1999-2000 itinerary had her transiting the Panama Canal several times and traveling as far north as Alaska and as far south as the Antarctic Peninsula.

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SEVEN SEAS NAVIGATOR 1  1999 (November 26th)  Envelope from Punta Arenas with 2 ship's cachets  US$5

NB: The cover is also signed by the Chief purser. The purser is the person usually responsible for mail handling on board cruise ships. The design in the middle of the pursers stamp is the symbol of Radisson cruise Lines.

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This dramatic picture shows a head on view of the Seven Seas Navigator.

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SEVEN SEAS NAVIGATOR 2  2000 (October 13th)  Ship's Postcard posted Lyttelton.  US$3

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The view above is the picture side of the postcard offered above.

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