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The "Royal Princess" is operated by P &O Lines of London and is a 44,348 ton modern cruise vessel. it undertakes a series of around the world cruises taking in most of the favourite tourist cruise regions including the South Atlantic.

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PRINCESS 1.  1999 (December 31st) Envelope from "Royal Princess" at Stanley     Price US$4

Note: The above cover is from the   "Royal Princess" visit to Stanley on the 25th December but hasn't been postmarked until a few days later owing to the Christmas holidays. The cover is backstamped on arrival in Christchurch on 12 January 2000.

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PRINCESS 2. 1999 (December 28th) Picture Postcard  from Punta Arenas.      Price US$6

Note: The cruise ship "Royal Princess" had left Stanley on the 25th December (Christmas Day) and arrived in Punta Arenas (Southern Chile) on the 28th December. This picture postcard (picture side shown at left) bears a Falkland stamp posted paquebot in Punta Arenas under the UPU paquebot regulations. The picture side of this postcard is the same view as at the view at the top of this page.

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