The "Roger Revelle" is an American Oceangraphic vessel operated by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. It was built in 1996 and normally operates in the North Pacific based from San Diego.

  At the end of 1997 it commenced a series of Oceanographic cruises from Lyttelton south to the Antarctic

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REVELLE 1  1998 (March 19th) Paquebot Cover posted at Christchurch with 3 ship cachets.    US$5

Note: the "Roger Revelle" had arrived back in Lyttelton on the 19th March from a trip to the Ross Dependency and stayed until the 24th March when it left for Honolulu.

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REVELLE 2  2001 (December 16th) Cover posted to vessel at Easter Island.    US$6

Note:The Above cover was posted from France to Easter Island (Rapa Nui) bearing two French stamps featuring Easter Island scenes. The "Roger Revelle" departed Easter Island on 16th December to do a plankton collection cruise through the Pacific to Lyttelton. The ships cachet has been applied on arrival.

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"Roger Revelle" is shown at left arriving in Lyttelton after her transit from Easter Island. She arrived on the 2nd January, 2002 to prepare for work south of New Zealand.

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The above close up view shows the vessel approaching the Lyttelton inner harbour.

RogerrevelleLyt01cvr.jpg (36716 bytes)

REVELLE 3  2002 (January 3rd) Paquebot cover posted at Lyttelton    US$6

Note: the above cover bears a Chile stamp as its last port of call, (Easter Island) is Chilean Territory.

RogerrevelleUSAPOcvr.jpg (44531 bytes)

REVELLE 4  2002 (January 3rd) Cover posted at Lyttelton through the Christchurch US APO   US$6

Note: The above cover bears a US 34 cent stamp which is the US internal letter rate postage.

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