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The "Rainbow Warrior" is the new flagship of the world-wide Greenpeace Environmental Organisation. It replaces the previous "Rainbow Warrior" which was sunk in Auckland Harbour by French Secret Service (DGSE) Agents in 1985. The current "Rainbow Warrior" continues the same role of environmental protest ship. The above view shows "Rainbow Warrior" in the inner Lyttelton Harbour on 31st March 1998.

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RAINBOW 1  1998 Christchurch Paquebot cover with Netherlands stamps.   US$5

Note: The "Rainbow Warrior" is flagged at Amsterdam in the Netherlands and hence the use of Netherlands stamps in New Zealand. The stamp at top left is a Greenpeace local post issue produced for use on board Greenpeace vessels as a fund raiser for Greenpeace. A full illustrated listing of them can be found here

In November 2000 the "Rainbow Warrior" arrived at the Port of Nelson at the top of the South Island of New Zealand to undergo a refit.

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The "Rainbow Warrior" berthed at Nelson on 16th November, 2000.

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Captain Bart J. Terwiel on board the "Rainbow Warrior" rubber stamping the covers as offered below.

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RAINBOW 2  2000 (November 16th) Cover from "Rainbow Warrior" in Nelson during refit.   US$4

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RAINBOW 3  2000 (December 13th) Cover from "Rainbow Warrior" in Nelson during refit.   US$6

Note: The above cover has been autographed by Bart Terwiel and posted on the last day the vessel was in Nelson prior to sailing to Auckland for Christmas.

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The "Rainbow Warrior" arrived in Lyttelton on the 19th January, 2001 for a promotional visit and also to enable crew to make Genetic Engineering protests at a Christchurch Tegal Chicken factory.

The vessel's stern  is shown at left.


The Rainbow Warrior stayed until departing for Nelson on the 23rd of January 2001.

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The above view shows the welcome to Lyttelton performed by a Maori Kamatua (elder)

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RAINBOW 4  2001 (January 19th) Cover from "Rainbow Warrior" in Lyttelton.   US$4

Both the cover above and the one below have on their back the Greenpeace Whale sticker and the "Rainbow Warrior's" ship cachet as shown at right.

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RAINBOW 5  2001 (January 19th) Signed cover from "Rainbow Warrior" in Lyttelton.   US$6

Note: This cover is autographed by Captain Bart Terwiel.  It also bears a Lyttelton Port Company sticker at top left.

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