ORIANA  (1967)

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This classic P & O Liner carried a great number of tourists and imigrants between Europe and Australasia until the growth of jet aircraft forced her into cruising, a role for which she was not particularly suited.

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ORIANA 1   1979 (March 24th) Auckland Cover with pictorial Oriana postmark.   US$4

Note: The above cover and the card below celebrate the visit to Auckland of the "Oriana" on board which there was a large group of mostly Australian philatelists doing a Philatelic tour of the Pacific.

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ORIANA 2  1979 Auckland Postcard with pictorial Oriana postmark.   US$3

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ORIANA 3  1982 Sydney Pictorial Postmark featuring "Oriana" on postal stationery envelope.  US$3

Note: This postmark celebrates P & O's 50 years of Cruising from Sydney. The "Oriana" name on the bows of the vessel is clearly seen on the postmark.

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