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The "Oceanic Odssey" is a Bahamas registered cruise liner which is operated by Spice Island Cruises normally in Indonesian waters but in 1998-99 for the first time she ventured into Antarctic waters with a visit to various sub-Antarctic islands. Because of difficulties with the Australian Antarctic supply vessel "Aurora Australis", the "Oceanic Odssey" brought back a number of Australian scientists from MacQuarie Island to Lyttelton when returning from the sub-Antarctic in January 1999.  The picture above shows the vessel at the oil wharf in Lyttelton Harbour on the 19th January 1999.

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OCEANIC 1  1999 Cover carried MacQuarie Island to Christchurch with paquebot on arrival.  US$5

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OCEANIC 2  1999 Cover from vessel posted Christchurch Paquebot on arrival.   US$4

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OCEANIC 3  1999 Official Ships postcard with MacQuarie Island cachets posted Christchurch Paquebot on arrival.        US$4

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The above view shows the   "Oceanic Odyssey" during her call to Lyttelton.

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